Epic Kitten

Hi my name is Rosie, but you can call me Epic Kitten. I was the first in the Junior Jumpers and I was actually the person who made the Junior Jumpers! My claws are really sharp so watch out! My favorite games are ROBLOX and Minecraft. My best friends are Lizzie Herity (Creator of Lizphys) and Charlotte. I am very creative and I like to draw and bake a lot. My favorite ROBLOX games are: Speed Run 4, Jailbreak, Escape McDonald’s! ,and Prison Life. My favorite thing to do in the day is to curl up in the bed. I love to read, especially to my baby sister Sky. My favorite books are Harry Potter, Flour Babies, The Famous Five, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates. My sisters are Sky, Amy, Lily and Ginger.

epic character