Epic Slug

Hello! I am Mullafacation, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the Epic Gang and the designer for all of the Epic Gang charecters! I created this website and the animation “The Life of Epic Hedgehog“. I like playing ROBLOX and coding HTML5, Processing 3 and Scratch 3.0.  I joined the Epic Gang in Summer 2017, a year after it was made.I am looking forward to making more animation videos for the channel. I’m the leader of the Senior Squad. I was in the Epic Gang’s ROBLOX videos but then Epic Hedgehog got a PlayStation 4 so I couldn’t play with him but I came back in their 30th Subscriber Special.


ROBLOX – mullafacation

XBOX – mullafacation

Scratch – mullafacation

YouTube – Mullafacation



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