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Earth. This is what we power.

Cars generate wind. That can power the world.

Cars waste motion. Every second.

And every second counts.

An operation is underway that could change the way we use wind energy forever. An overhead windmill on the motorways could power so much. So at Kowami we thought we should step it up a little. Dive into the unknown. Could we make a tunnel of theese windmills that could generate energy for thousands or millions of homes?

There is a lot of talk in the news and media about windmills. Many people are living beside a windmill/windfarm, and they can't live their lives normally. It creates shadows in peoples homes, and is noisy. A guest on RTÉ said it was constantly dark, bright, dark, bright. Even the Minister for the Enviroment has said he wouldn't want to live beside a windmill. Overhead renewable wind energy could be the answer.

At Kowami we are all about thinking of new ideas that could innovate. So could this?

Tell us.

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