Attempting to make software less annoying, to improve brands, and to present human knowledge in a neutral format.

( And also to finish this website )

All of which I am still working on! But for now, here are some are some semi-substantial things that I've actually finished and have readily available:

Subsidiary Project name Description Date
๐Ÿ“•Publication Publications Should Commercial Entities Develop the COVID-19 Vaccine? A 15-page report.
๐Ÿ“•Publication Wikipedia 2022โ€“2023 Irish anti-immigration protests Tracking the protests. See all contributors –present
๐Ÿ“•Publication MiSC-OS A Choice of Privacy A rant.
๐ŸŒWebsite Kowami Labs Website "Solutions" to climate change (without any research).
๐ŸŒWebsite DMSK Free & Easy "The scam that really works!"
For someone who stresses over design, some of these are eye hurting!

More upcoming projects will be available with the overhaul of Mullafacation Status

This is not the new website as shown on the blog post because we have rebranded (again) before I could finish that one! The new logo is due to be rolled out in a video about logos and you'll see it in more places soon (design example). At least this is better than the Coming Soon page!

Other things

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Since 2014

Mullafacation is my online pseudonym. The name comes from my invented mathematical operation (link is to old main page) but as it was a unique username, I began to use it universally. Anything I used a different username on has since shut down! So I joined Scratch on 20 October 2014 under that moniker. I made many private projects but it wasn't until three years later, on March 18, 2017 when I put a public project out into the world.

I joined the Epic Gang in summer 2016 and am now a High Rank, Official leader of the Senior Squad, Designer and CTO. I've effectively taken it over and use their website for Mullafacation updates & news (mostly just to avoid having two blogs). doesn't have a specific theme.

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