COVID-19 and the future of What’s Coming up

So in the past week I have literally not gotten the time to post or contribute to Vent projects, between Epic Kitten’s birthday and my own schoolwork. I will be more active in the next few weeks because schools in the Republic of Ireland (EG’s headquarters) are shutdown due to a worldwide virus known as COVID-19 (colloquially referred to as The ‘Coronavirus’) being declared a pandemic. I didn’t post about it because it’s not something that belongs here. It is dangerous to people with weak immune systems and they were closed because they wanted to stop the spread. Hopefully it will have an impact and let people halt it. I will be releasing a company wide What’s Coming Up hosted on the Epic Gang so that I can easily update it in the 2 weeks I have off. In relation to COVID, I won’t say any more in case I spread rumours, but I will say that that the truth is all available on or your government’s news network like RTÉ or the BBC. Thank you for reading and stay safe.