A word on the recent homepage rebranding

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I didn’t really cover this on here or really announce it in any way, but I have removed the Coming Soon page on the Mullafacation homepage as I have said I was going to do for three years since it went up in 2019, but this was not something I was planning to do. If you remember the blog post I made showcasing the new design, the information on the main page is under “Old bio” but the actual design is different. But why is the design different, and is that a new logo?

Well, yes, that is the newest logo of Mullafacation, so new that it actually hasn’t been introduced yet. I wanted to release the homepage so that I could link to it and it would actually give you a portfolio of stuff that I am doing and have done. I guess I could have just finished that website but I am going to rebrand to that logo anyways so I figured I would just use that. I haven’t used that logo (Logo № 5) yet because I had a plan on when I was going to introduce it: I was to release a video on Oversimplified Logos (which shows how long I had planned that as that ship sailed in 2021) on the Mullafacation channel, but before releasing that I was going to release the First Video and then the Channel Trailer, so with all this backlog that I would need to get through, it wasn’t likely that I was going to introduce the logo soon.

The simple list of links with a bit of design/CSS is all that the homepage really needs to be, but I’ll still say that it’s temporary for now. The reality is that I like it and I don’t think it will go to the “new” design. After all these years, the Coming Soon page couldn’t vanquished without a post about it, so here it is!

And yes, it is inconsistent, and that’s something that would annoy me (and the YouTube channel logo is still inconsistent until I release the First Video because there is some meta stuff going on there that you’ll see soon) but for the sake of actually getting stuff done, I’ve rolled it out now. And it’s better to do something than to not do it at all.

More information on the logo and what it means coming soon!

Hiatus Channel Art

It’s not Christmas anymore!

I made two new designs for the channel art while we’re not posting videos on the channel. The first one is very low-res so I’m going to have to remake it if I want to use it. Here they are:

Low-res one

I made the background in October 2021 but the text is new. I was trying to incorporate the old Epic Gang logo with the big E and G with the round Epic Gang members underneath being abstractly represented by the roundy lines.

epic gang • still in hiatus
Simple (current) one

I like minimalism, but I put barely any thought into the last one so I’m not as proud of it.

See all the old ones here!

Epic Gang Reunion

Update when more information is available

“what do you want to say for Epic Gang reunion?”

— Epic SLug


“no, that’s the world name”

— Epic Hedgehog


I met Epic Fish and Epic Tortoise on a walk a few months ago but I didn’t say much so I didn’t want to make a whole post about it and now Epic Hedgehog is at my house. We are playing Minecraft.

Maybe we’ll do our 100th video in Epic Gang reunion

We might build some Lego bricks too.

Update when I have more information

Epic Gang reunion

I am still alive and the WordPress default theme still is too


Weird Hiatus Thing

( To anyone that is looking at the Epic Gang website for whatever reason or other )

Wow, it’s weird to use the WordPress interface after all this time. I haven’t posted anything here since April because of the weird way I prioritise things (which is a long and complicated unnecessary philosophical story I’ll leave to another day) and end up doing none of those things anyways. I don’t like abandoning projects, and I’m not abandoning the Epic Gang but at the moment we are at the 99 video mark and so I can’t make any progress without making a 100 Video Special which will come out some day. I was busy over the holiday talking to Epic Pug and learning about the country of Turkmenistan for no particular reason when I could have been updating the Christmas channel art that may actually fit the time of year at this point. I’m still thinking away with the Epic Gang Adventures storyline, I wrote it up so I won’t forget. My gramamar might be terrible and I may not be taking time to format this properly but if I don’t do it quickly I won’t do it at all.

The rest of the members and I exist even if it’s not down on public record and we’re doing something, even if you don’t know what.

Epic Kitten is now Galaxycat

I wanted to make a post out of this ages ago but I didn’t think I had enough to say, I still don’t but it’s better with news than no news (which may contradict what I said earlier when I deicide to stop posting biweekly so that you could get better quality posts which now is turning into no posts at all. See what I did there? By talking about something for a large amount of words I now can announce something mildly important and make a proper post out of it. I am very sneaky.

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The Oculus Go is turning into a Magical Space Brick

Facebook logo hugging VR headset with a galaxy image on it
Facebook was still selling the Go when they were slowly destroying it.

Image from Wikimedia Commons, NASA, public domain.
I haven’t been posting much here, probably because there is not much announcements to say at the moment (that I’m allowed to reveal yet) so here’s something different and probably irrelevant to you! XD
Update 3rd September 2022: I’ve been meaning to add this for a while, but there are alternative launchers for the Go, but you would need to have trust in them instead of Facebook (now Meta), though some may say trusting Meta would be a worse alternative. Meta themselves have made the Oculus Go open-source, which I think makes the issue of this post a lot better!

I think it was last year that Epic Hedgehog got an Oculus Quest. I was absolutely stunned that this was possible in 2019, after reading Ready Player One that same year the realities in the sci-fi book seemed to have a clear path to it becoming reality. Actual reality. The technology that may change the world, either through the Internet of Things where the virtual world is brought into reality or through VR, reality is brought into the virtual world. The latter would allow for much more freedom, as reality is limited. (I have an upcoming movie about this actually, not that you should watch it, it’s purposely confusing.)

What really got me about the Quest was just how complicated it was. It wasn’t virtual reality, it was actually augmented reality: Incorporating the virtual world WITH the real world. You would draw a line around the space you had through the camera on the Quest so upon approaching any obstacles you may bump into, you would be warned in the virtual world. That being said, while you still could move around in your space, it meant you were restricted to that space, and any other movement would be this uncanny hovering above the floor, as if you were on a skateboard – that you couldn’t see.

Given all this, I got a Go the following year and it had a different perspective on virtual reality altogether. While the Quest assumed you had some space available in the real world that could let you move in the possibly infinite VR world (6 Degrees of Freedom), the Go always assumed that you couldn’t move in any direction, as if you were on the go: in a car, aeroplane etc. All there was was you moving your head (3DoF) and interacting with your surroundings with one remote which was both virtual and physical with a Home, Back and Trigger button plus a Touchpad which you could also press down as a secondary button. It wasn’t as high-tech as the Quest, but it provided the really cool interactive VR experience that is definitely worth experiencing, even just to see the home screen background is incredible – that is, if the Go was still around today.

One of the flagship apps that would have been perfect for socializing in the locked-down world we live in today was Oculus Rooms, where you could meet your friends in a room with no chances of getting any viruses) and play games. It also was also a hub for joining games on the Go. When I got the Go, the pre-installed Rooms app came with it. So when I was messing around with the virtual screen, standing on a ledge across a scaryingly deep canyon, I saw Oculus Rooms in the Library on my machine and even by the name it sounded cool. So I fired it up and was greeted with the screen that said something along the lines of “The Rooms service for the Go has ended.” and told me that it was replaced with Facebook Horizons. (Facebook bought Oculus in 2014) And how could you get Facebook Horizons? You couldn’t! It wasn’t out yet, but they had to shut down their perfectly functioning service along with Facebook Spaces, their previous VR endeavor for a service that wasn’t out yet. So all there was to wait for the opening day, but wait again! You don’t get Facebook Horizons because it’s not for the Go!

At this, I looked for some alternatives and was pretty angry about the time they picked to remove the Go’s official socializing game as if it was using social distancing to generate sales for the Quest. I found some replacements that were different but was trying to do the same thing as Rooms and came across things like vTime XR, AltspaceVR and Bigscreen. vTime XR looked very promising, I never tried out AltspaceVR but Bigscreen was interesting in that you could watch movies and use your computer on a big screen in whatever environment they had, like a space cinema or just a nice big living room, and that to me was really cool.

Fast forward to today, the 11th of April and after a while of not using the Go, I decide to try out the Go to write the EGA script (yes I’m actually writing it now) and to do something for Epic Kitten and it tells me my internet has disconnected. I check Settings and it all looks fine, so I look up help and it turns out that Facebook discontinued the Go. Everything made a lot of sense then that not only were they ignoring it for the frankly better headsets, they planned to stop developers from giving any updates – altogether. This news annoyed me enough to write this post, forget who reads it I’m just angry.

When I got the Go, Facebook had sold it knowing that they were going to kill it in the next year. It will never be bricked completely; rendered useless because the apps still there and the Web Browser that will allow online content that could shape the Go’s future, or lack thereof, it is not as useless as a brick. It is a magical Space Brick that I still consider as an important piece of technology which is still fun to play with that I won’t be getting rid of anytime soon.

If I were to get a Quest, aside from the uncertainty that it would ever be of any use, I would have to use a mandatory Facebook account which luckily only denies you of the now useless social features on the Go. I’m angry about all the things I could have done last year which I can never do again with the Go but all is not lost, and if there is a future, it would be through the Web, where it isn’t yet dominated by a company that can crush everything in a second.
DISCLAIMER: I know Facebook is doing what any company would do, removing support for a console that isn’t innovation and progressing the VR experience to the next level. But at least tell us up front that you’re going to kill it rather than selling us a raw deal. Good strategy but not if enough people are going to start taking action, which frankly I don’t think will ever happen.

GRRRRRRRR! there, that’s better

Epic Hedgehog’s Birthday

This was put up last minute, I’ll change it tomorrow.

It’s Epic Hedghehog’s birthday again, but it couldn’t be celebrated in person. If it was celebrated then I didn’t get the invite >:(. Currently I’m doing something in relation to the closure of Adobe Flash, which I want to get finished (I’ll put it on Status soon), but then it’s going to be prioritized to the website (because of the deadline), the Pug & Slug which will actually be our 100th video, I have to get my Fortnite challenges done for March, then I have a surprise for you all and then it’s looking good for Epic Gang Adventures! 🙂

New Channel Art & Happy Holidays!

We have at last released the new Epic Gang channel art! I have been thinking about it since last Christmas when I got the idea to replace the reindeer with Epic Gang members, and now it’s Christmas, and my ambitions to get EGA done by 2020 have been changed because of the fact we are building MullMC. Instead of using Happy Holidays I said Merry Holdidays, which I realize now doesn’t have the alliterative ring to it, but anyways to celebrate, I made this collection of old channel arts. I’m also not forgetting about the Epic Slug video which will be both a birthday, Halloween, and Christmas/Hanukkah/December festivities/etc. special. So without further ado, here is the table and a long written out description in plain text as a punishment of me writing text on an image without copying it first onto the article!

See caption
The very first channel art, made with Microsoft Paint (2017) with purple on one side and orange on the other, with Epic Fish and Epic Tortoise on green and blue stars, alternate to their colours. Beneath it it says “Epic Hedgehog Epic Fish Epic Tortoise”, the old Epic Gang slogan with Sir Mull with weird hair and Epic Hedgehog in the Epic Gang logo, saying Celebrating 1 year in a speech bubble. In the next picture there are two pumpkins instead of Fish and Tortoise and white and black ghosts at the top. The next channel art has a blue background with all the members on it (the Epic Art) mirror flipped on each line repeated going downwards. (see Members for members) (2018, still MS Paint). The next one has the first representation of the Host, a ROBLOX avatar with evil eyes drawn on it. The background is now grey with the members having white eyes. The text says HAPPY HALLOWEEN and cursive “From the Epic Gang”. The next picture has a room with Epic Walrus and Epic Penguin as ornaments and Epic Duckling (now Owl) coming down the chimney (now 2019, Scratch). I can’t find the upscaled version for the actual channel art but it was probably the background with the blue and all the members (MS Paint). The next picture has a 3D triangle with autumn colours and black with Epic Hedgehog with a Marshmello background with a red triangle supposed to be a party hat on Hedge’s head. (Sorry whoever owns these assets I stole) Third channel art version made in Scratch and converted to SVG making strange shadows on the letters. I liked it so I kept it. All the Epic Gang are gathered around a simplified Epic Gang logo with two trees in the background. The text says “Animation, games and more!_” The underscore denoting a terminal/insert cursor. The next one has A blue sky, 3D clouds with a 3D Epic Bunny and “Epic Bunny has been hiding eggs!” 3D text and Hoppy Easter on the horison. Epic Bunny is saying “Find out more on our website! *squeak*” (now 2020) The next one has the Epic Art with “Happy 3rd Birthday Epic Gang” in a purple banner with the Epic Gang mascot with a camera on his head. The next one has the Host with two eyes and nothing else, like a ghost, and fine lines for hands. It says “all of the Epic Gang wishes you a” and then in serif capitals “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” with the Epic Gang Adventures logo and COMING 2020, something I didn’t get to because of MullMC/COVID-19. The image is very stretched. The next one is a dark blue banner with pixel writing saying “Happy Holidays From The Epic Gang” with a picture of the Epic Gang having a snowball fight with Epic Penguin in the middle of a lake on an icy island and Epci Fish swimming around. Epic Walrus is throwing a snowball at Epic Kitten with a couple more in his hands ready to throw. Epic Hedgehog is sticking his head out the window and Epci Tortoise can be seen inside through the right window. Epic Parrot is swimming overhead and Epic Puppy and Epic Slug is building a snowperson. The next one is a bright lime banner with Happy Easter written one word each side of a picture of Epic Bunny painting eggs with the simplified Epic Gang logo one one egg and the Epic Gang HR members and Epic Kitten. The picture is Scratch with everythign else being MS Paint, same as the last one. The next one is Epic Gang’s 4th Birthday theme, when we left to build MullMC with the “4” Epic Gang logo from the Top 5 video. The Epic Gang HR members Hedge, Fish, Tortoise and Slug on either side with “Check the website for updates” and “We’re coming back soon”. Under the logo it says “The Epig Gang’s 4th Birthday”. The current Chrsimas one, I wrote “last” for some reason. It has Santa Claus’s slay with the Epic Gang members instead of reindeers over houses. And that’s them all!

Haloween Downtime

Hi everyone, I haven’t got to share anything with you on Halloween because the website went down. Luckily it’s back up again. My time management is improving so I will probably get the second side project I was doing done so we can get the 100th video on the Epic Gang! Despite my plan last year to get EGA done, it would be silly to try to finish it from now until January. Fortnite Season 5 I think is coming soon so I’m nearly at the point where I can get more money or of the Battle Pass then I lose paying for it. But I’ll keep you updated, so talk to you next time. 🙂

The first thing off the List!

So the day has come at last.

I have finished the “News programme” which I have been working on for the last 2 years, meaning we can proceed with the rest of things to do on the List There is one mistake I noticed at the premiere which I can fix quite easily but it has fulfilled it’s purpose. So as it stands, there is only two side-projects that I need to do before I start working on the new Mullafacation website (at last) which is fixing the Trench in MullMC which I promised I would do and doing the Epic Pug & Epic Slug video I was talking about earlier.

I had this mad frenzy of completing it because I set a date for when it was to be completed so for about 1 or 2 days I worked on it a LOT and I put everything else secondary, like the Trench, which needs to be finally repaired once and for all (don’t worry, you’ll get a MullMC database when it comes out telling you what all these stuff are, because by the time you get to play it on the opening day, the Trench will be gone.)

I’m also planning on making time for the Vent projects so that I can get things done while not just solidly working on them which never works. But no matter how slowly we move (which is why I’m rightfully named Epic Slug) we will get there in the end. That should be my catchphrase. 😀