The Oculus Go is turning into a Magical Space Brick

Facebook logo hugging VR headset with a galaxy image on it
Facebook was still selling the Go when they were slowly destroying it.

Image from Wikimedia Commons, NASA, public domain.
I haven’t been posting much here, probably because there is not much announcements to say at the moment (that I’m allowed to reveal yet) so here’s something different and probably irrelevant to you! XD

I think it was last year that Epic Hedgehog got an Oculus Quest. I was absolutely stunned that this was possible in 2019, after reading Ready Player One that same year the realities in the sci-fi book seemed to have a clear path to it becoming reality. Actual reality. The technology that may change the world, either through the Internet of Things where the virtual world is brought into reality or through VR, reality is brought into the virtual world. The latter would allow for much more freedom, as reality is limited. (I have an upcoming movie about this actually, not that you should watch it, it’s purposely confusing.)

What really got me about the Quest was just how complicated it was. It wasn’t virtual reality, it was actually augmented reality: Incorporating the virtual world WITH the real world. You would draw a line around the space you had through the camera on the Quest so upon approaching any obstacles you may bump into, you would be warned in the virtual world. That being said, while you still could move around in your space, it meant you were restricted to that space, and any other movement would be this uncanny hovering above the floor, as if you were on a skateboard – that you couldn’t see.

Given all this, I got a Go the following year and it had a different perspective on virtual reality altogether. While the Quest assumed you had some space available in the real world that could let you move in the possibly infinite VR world (6 Degrees of Freedom), the Go always assumed that you couldn’t move in any direction, as if you were on the go: in a car, aeroplane etc. All there was was you moving your head (3DoF) and interacting with your surroundings with one remote which was both virtual and physical with a Home, Back and Trigger button plus a Touchpad which you could also press down as a secondary button. It wasn’t as high-tech as the Quest, but it provided the really cool interactive VR experience that is definitely worth experiencing, even just to see the home screen background is incredible – that is, if the Go was still around today.

One of the flagship apps that would have been perfect for socializing in the locked-down world we live in today was Oculus Rooms, where you could meet your friends in a room with no chances of getting any viruses) and play games. It also was also a hub for joining games on the Go. When I got the Go, the pre-installed Rooms app came with it. So when I was messing around with the virtual screen, standing on a ledge across a scaryingly deep canyon, I saw Oculus Rooms in the Library on my machine and even by the name it sounded cool. So I fired it up and was greeted with the screen that said something along the lines of “The Rooms service for the Go has ended.” and told me that it was replaced with Facebook Horizons. (Facebook bought Oculus in 2014) And how could you get Facebook Horizons? You couldn’t! It wasn’t out yet, but they had to shut down their perfectly functioning service along with Facebook Spaces, their previous VR endeavor for a service that wasn’t out yet. So all there was to wait for the opening day, but wait again! You don’t get Facebook Horizons because it’s not for the Go!

At this, I looked for some alternatives and was pretty angry about the time they picked to remove the Go’s official socializing game as if it was using social distancing to generate sales for the Quest. I found some replacements that were different but was trying to do the same thing as Rooms and came across things like vTime XR, AltspaceVR and Bigscreen. vTime XR looked very promising, I never tried out AltspaceVR but Bigscreen was interesting in that you could watch movies and use your computer on a big screen in whatever environment they had, like a space cinema or just a nice big living room, and that to me was really cool.

Fast forward to today, the 11th of April and after a while of not using the Go, I decide to try out the Go to write the EGA script (yes I’m actually writing it now) and to do something for Epic Kitten and it tells me my internet has disconnected. I check Settings and it all looks fine, so I look up help and it turns out that Facebook discontinued the Go. Everything made a lot of sense then that not only were they ignoring it for the frankly better headsets, they planned to stop developers from giving any updates – altogether. This news annoyed me enough to write this post, forget who reads it I’m just angry.

When I got the Go, Facebook had sold it knowing that they were going to kill it in the next year. It will never be bricked completely; rendered useless because the apps still there and the Web Browser that will allow online content that could shape the Go’s future, or lack thereof, it is not as useless as a brick. It is a magical Space Brick that I still consider as an important piece of technology which is still fun to play with that I won’t be getting rid of anytime soon.

If I were to get a Quest, aside from the uncertainty that it would ever be of any use, I would have to use a mandatory Facebook account which luckily only denies you of the now useless social features on the Go. I’m angry about all the things I could have done last year which I can never do again with the Go but all is not lost, and if there is a future, it would be through the Web, where it isn’t yet dominated by a company that can crush everything in a second.
DISCLAIMER: I know Facebook is doing what any company would do, removing support for a console that isn’t innovation and progressing the VR experience to the next level. But at least tell us up front that you’re going to kill it rather than selling us a raw deal. Good strategy but not if enough people are going to start taking action, which frankly I don’t think will ever happen.

GRRRRRRRR! there, that’s better

oh yeah

It’s Easter! Other then the fact there is no work for school the holidays it seems like nothing has happened because my whole country is on lockdown. Epic Kitten got an Animal Crossing game and their equivalent is “Bunny Day”. I’ll need to change the channel art. I played the old Animal Crossing game and I played on the old one. Unlike the predecessors you can play 2 player but I was busy paying off my house loan in the old game. You can sell fossils you find underground or give it to the museum for “cultural development” so I only sell the ones that are already in the museums. In the new game you can only get eggs underground until the “Bunny Day” week is over so Epic Kitten is annoyed.  But I have nothing really to report back other then that the EGA script is coming on very well.

Doctor Who ROBLOX Items!

Because I have a bit more time in lockdown (I’m still doing schoolwork) I wanted to get things done and as a result I haven’t been playing that many video games. So Epic Hedgehog messaged me saying there is this TARDIS backpack I can get for a limited time and I looked it up and it turns out ROBLOX made four items free, the backpack, the Pterrible Pting (which hasn’t come into Doctor Who yet I don’t think) the Thirteenth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor. Continue reading “Doctor Who ROBLOX Items!”

Crossplay Fun


At last I got a chance to play crossplay Minecraft with Epic Hedgehog. He has a lot of world’s on his PS4 and the other amazing thing about crossplay is that everything updated to Bedrock Edition, which means there is commands! Hedgehog built this huge map which is really incredible (when he releases it you’ll get pictures or I’ll take a picture of it soon) and I know a decent bit about commands blocks, so I can make certain areas “unlock”, clear weapons before boss fights, and much more. We worked together as a team so it was really fun.

Crossplay in Minecraft!

It took a while, but at last we have crossplay in Minecraft!

We’ve seen Epic Games’ Fortnite crossplay from PS4 and XBOX, while both companies (Sony and Microsoft) were very much competitors and wanted nothing to do with each other. So when the Better Together update came to Minecraft a year ago, I thought it meant crossplay and was really happy, but all it did was make sure all of the versions were the same across all platforms. But it’s really here! I can collaborate with Epic Hedgehog on his many PS4 worlds!

Epic Owl’s Second Super Smash Tourney!

Epic Owl has held another Smash tourney, but I didn’t record the bracket because I was making the certificate instead because I ran out of time to do it at home.  I actually beat Epic Owl, incredibly. I knew I practiced a lot but Epic Owl had put hours into Smash Bros. and it’s kind of disappointing to see him lose, but shakes up the competition a bit. In the second round I lost to Epic Walrus, who actually went on to win! I didn’t do the suspension this time because you didn’t get a bigger idea of it, but it’s still just as important as when he won last time. This time I made a digital certificate and a written one, and I branded the tourney with a smash ball with an S inside it, and I put that logo, but in the style of the Smash Bros Cup Tourney logo. Here are some pictures!

Nintendo Switch shaped Certificate saying GAME! Congratulations
The blank certificate template, the names weren’t on it for privacy reasons
Blanks in order from left to right, up to down: Epic Walrus’s full name, Epic Walrus’s name they set in-game, Epic Owl’s full name, Epic Slug’s full name (me).

Epic Walrus

AS Kirby

Victory message:

“I knew I should have picked Kirby!”


Video Games: Season X in Fortnite

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a game that I play frequently because they gave away a free battle pass (lots of rewards you can get for doing challenges) one season, and now I save up the in-game currency to buy the next one and so on. I initially thought that it would be a cool idea, as I was a default (noob) skin and got tons of free ones that you usually have to pay for. After a while I was thinking about giving up because there wasn’t any skins or items that I particularly liked and my only motivation was to save up in-game currency to gift Epic Kitten a skin. So I began to get bored. Until…

Continue reading “Video Games: Season X in Fortnite”

Gaming: Minecraft Earth is in Closed Beta!


I was out and about when I got a notification that Minecraft had uploaded a video. As followers of the game will know, Minecraft Earth was introduced to us very ambiguously. We didn’t know anything about the game when the trailer came out. The trailer, which was released May 17, showed the interaction of Minecraft and the real world, suggesting a Pokémon Go! sort of gameplay style. In the trailer, we learn that it is a game similar to Pokémon Go, but with blocks instead of Pokémon.

Continue reading “Gaming: Minecraft Earth is in Closed Beta!”

Happy Summer!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far and that you all continue to have fun! I am abroad so I didn’t really get the chance to do anything for or Epic Gang. Even when I did get a chance I used it to do the Fortnite challenges I needed to catch up on. But seeing as I did miss 4 posts this will be a Filling in The Days post!

When will the Epic Gang’s Birthday be?

24 June – 30 June (1)

If you have read the About page, you will know that the Epic Gang Media Organization was founded in Summer 2016. We didn’t record exactly what date, but we will celebrate it probably when I come back from holiday. We are turning 3 and we will probably have special channel art and I will be working on getting finished so I can start on Epic Gang Adventures.

Video: Observation

24 June – 30 June (2)

Epic Hedgehog has released a new video, and intends to start up a rota of videos so that you know around about when he’s going to upload next, and will also encourage him to upload more often. The video in question contains bad language in the game, and I have worked out how to censor it out, but for now it will be set for mature audiences. We’re really sorry if you saw the video before it got taken down because we take this sort of thing very seriously, and want Epic Gang to remain a child-friendly channel that everyone can enjoy.

ROBLOX Creator Challenge is back!

 30 June – 7 july (1)


ROBLOX charecters destroying a holographic city.
Create and Destroy!

The ROBLOX Creator Challenge has returned, encouraging people to build creations with ROBLOX Studio so that they can make games for the community to play! There are three different challenges for three different items and at the end of each section there is a quiz to show what you have learnt. These are the descriptions by ROBLOX:
Blueprints of tall towers

Get Started

Take your first steps as a world builder by understanding what makes a map feel fun and balanced.

Take the quiz to unlock Rodan’s Head.

Rodan's Head

Tall towers in construction

Build and Test

Bring your imagination to life! Learn how to place buildings and roads to add personality to your world.

Take the quiz to unlock Godzilla Spine Backpack.

Godzilla Spine Backpack

Completed Tall Towers

Polish and Publish

Put the finishing touches on your game by learning how to edit scripts and create a custom icon.

Take the quiz to unlock Ghidorah’s Wings.

Ghidorah's Wings

I finished all these and made a game called Asymmetry City which you can play, but for some reason I can’t get it on the ROBLOX website. Probably because it’s a Creator Challenge game and that they’re all kind of the same. Another story I have in ROBLOX is that I found out that my helmet from the NFL event turned from the Tampa Bay Helmet (The one I got, you could get different helmets to support different people) to the Golden Football Helmet of Participation!

14 Days of Summer (Fortnite)

 30 June – 7 july (2)

Fortnite charecters sitting around a beach

Fortnite are repeating their 14 Days of Fortnite Christmas event, but as Epic Kitten put it, they’re getting a bit lazy at naming the events, so it’s just “14 days of Summer”, although there’s no hidden meaning (the Christmas one was connected to the 12 Days of Christmas) but I think we can forgive Epic Games because there is loads of cool rewards! There is a new Dive In emote, Water balloon Toy and much more. I’m not saying much about it because you can look at the patch notes here. That will contain everything Epic Games has changed. Once again,

I hope you enjoy your summer and this concludes the Filling in the Days post!