New Channel Art & Happy Holidays!

We have at last released the new Epic Gang channel art! I have been thinking about it since last Christmas when I got the idea to replace the reindeer with Epic Gang members, and now it’s Christmas, and my ambitions to get EGA done by 2020 have been changed because of the fact we are building MullMC. Instead of using Happy Holidays I said Merry Holdidays, which I realize now doesn’t have the alliterative ring to it, but anyways to celebrate, I made this collection of old channel arts. I’m also not forgetting about the Epic Slug video which will be both a birthday, Halloween, and Christmas/Hanukkah/December festivities/etc. special. So without further ado, here is the table and a long written out description in plain text as a punishment of me writing text on an image without copying it first onto the article!

See caption
The very first channel art, made with Microsoft Paint (2017) with purple on one side and orange on the other, with Epic Fish and Epic Tortoise on green and blue stars, alternate to their colours. Beneath it it says “Epic Hedgehog Epic Fish Epic Tortoise”, the old Epic Gang slogan with Sir Mull with weird hair and Epic Hedgehog in the Epic Gang logo, saying Celebrating 1 year in a speech bubble. In the next picture there are two pumpkins instead of Fish and Tortoise and white and black ghosts at the top. The next channel art has a blue background with all the members on it (the Epic Art) mirror flipped on each line repeated going downwards. (see Members for members) (2018, still MS Paint). The next one has the first representation of the Host, a ROBLOX avatar with evil eyes drawn on it. The background is now grey with the members having white eyes. The text says HAPPY HALLOWEEN and cursive “From the Epic Gang”. The next picture has a room with Epic Walrus and Epic Penguin as ornaments and Epic Duckling (now Owl) coming down the chimney (now 2019, Scratch). I can’t find the upscaled version for the actual channel art but it was probably the background with the blue and all the members (MS Paint). The next picture has a 3D triangle with autumn colours and black with Epic Hedgehog with a Marshmello background with a red triangle supposed to be a party hat on Hedge’s head. (Sorry whoever owns these assets I stole) Third channel art version made in Scratch and converted to SVG making strange shadows on the letters. I liked it so I kept it. All the Epic Gang are gathered around a simplified Epic Gang logo with two trees in the background. The text says “Animation, games and more!_” The underscore denoting a terminal/insert cursor. The next one has A blue sky, 3D clouds with a 3D Epic Bunny and “Epic Bunny has been hiding eggs!” 3D text and Hoppy Easter on the horison. Epic Bunny is saying “Find out more on our website! *squeak*” (now 2020) The next one has the Epic Art with “Happy 3rd Birthday Epic Gang” in a purple banner with the Epic Gang mascot with a camera on his head. The next one has the Host with two eyes and nothing else, like a ghost, and fine lines for hands. It says “all of the Epic Gang wishes you a” and then in serif capitals “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” with the Epic Gang Adventures logo and COMING 2020, something I didn’t get to because of MullMC/COVID-19. The image is very stretched. The next one is a dark blue banner with pixel writing saying “Happy Holidays From The Epic Gang” with a picture of the Epic Gang having a snowball fight with Epic Penguin in the middle of a lake on an icy island and Epci Fish swimming around. Epic Walrus is throwing a snowball at Epic Kitten with a couple more in his hands ready to throw. Epic Hedgehog is sticking his head out the window and Epci Tortoise can be seen inside through the right window. Epic Parrot is swimming overhead and Epic Puppy and Epic Slug is building a snowperson. The next one is a bright lime banner with Happy Easter written one word each side of a picture of Epic Bunny painting eggs with the simplified Epic Gang logo one one egg and the Epic Gang HR members and Epic Kitten. The picture is Scratch with everythign else being MS Paint, same as the last one. The next one is Epic Gang’s 4th Birthday theme, when we left to build MullMC with the “4” Epic Gang logo from the Top 5 video. The Epic Gang HR members Hedge, Fish, Tortoise and Slug on either side with “Check the website for updates” and “We’re coming back soon”. Under the logo it says “The Epig Gang’s 4th Birthday”. The current Chrsimas one, I wrote “last” for some reason. It has Santa Claus’s slay with the Epic Gang members instead of reindeers over houses. And that’s them all!

Update: Changed around the About page

There will be a lot of changes to the Epic Gang website in the Mullafacation redesign, but for now I didn’t really want to fix anything on the website but there was something I noticed in the About Us section that I had copied and pasted the same text that said “to see our history, go to About” even though you were already on about, and the way I said “If you think you have a talent we could use” sounded like it’s some premium club where you would want to work there even though they treat you badly. When you join the Epic Gang, you’re a part of it, so nobody is treated better then otheres, even though we have a ranking structure it doesn’t dictate how well you are treated.

Update: Fixed Site Security

“Your connection to this site is not fully secure”

That is your browser warning you that although the Epic Gang Website is secure, the images on it might not be. This means you can’t have a secure site with a mirror (iframe) to another site to bypass the security features. On the post Epic Owl’s Second Super Smash Tourney!, there was lots of images that started with http, not https (s means secure). So I fixed that because the images were secure but I told your browser it wasn’t by accident. Any page with a post like that should come up as not fully secure.

Update: Comments have been removed

We have reached exactly 500 spam comments!

Because the amount of spam comments we are getting, I have decided to disable comments for a short while so I can activate the anti-spam plugin I downloaded last year. Sorry if this is an inconvenience to you, also sorry for the short post a big one is coming up. 🙂

Happy Summer!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far and that you all continue to have fun! I am abroad so I didn’t really get the chance to do anything for or Epic Gang. Even when I did get a chance I used it to do the Fortnite challenges I needed to catch up on. But seeing as I did miss 4 posts this will be a Filling in The Days post!

When will the Epic Gang’s Birthday be?

24 June – 30 June (1)

If you have read the About page, you will know that the Epic Gang Media Organization was founded in Summer 2016. We didn’t record exactly what date, but we will celebrate it probably when I come back from holiday. We are turning 3 and we will probably have special channel art and I will be working on getting finished so I can start on Epic Gang Adventures.

Video: Observation

24 June – 30 June (2)

Epic Hedgehog has released a new video, and intends to start up a rota of videos so that you know around about when he’s going to upload next, and will also encourage him to upload more often. The video in question contains bad language in the game, and I have worked out how to censor it out, but for now it will be set for mature audiences. We’re really sorry if you saw the video before it got taken down because we take this sort of thing very seriously, and want Epic Gang to remain a child-friendly channel that everyone can enjoy.

ROBLOX Creator Challenge is back!

 30 June – 7 july (1)


ROBLOX charecters destroying a holographic city.
Create and Destroy!

The ROBLOX Creator Challenge has returned, encouraging people to build creations with ROBLOX Studio so that they can make games for the community to play! There are three different challenges for three different items and at the end of each section there is a quiz to show what you have learnt. These are the descriptions by ROBLOX:
Blueprints of tall towers

Get Started

Take your first steps as a world builder by understanding what makes a map feel fun and balanced.

Take the quiz to unlock Rodan’s Head.

Rodan's Head

Tall towers in construction

Build and Test

Bring your imagination to life! Learn how to place buildings and roads to add personality to your world.

Take the quiz to unlock Godzilla Spine Backpack.

Godzilla Spine Backpack

Completed Tall Towers

Polish and Publish

Put the finishing touches on your game by learning how to edit scripts and create a custom icon.

Take the quiz to unlock Ghidorah’s Wings.

Ghidorah's Wings

I finished all these and made a game called Asymmetry City which you can play, but for some reason I can’t get it on the ROBLOX website. Probably because it’s a Creator Challenge game and that they’re all kind of the same. Another story I have in ROBLOX is that I found out that my helmet from the NFL event turned from the Tampa Bay Helmet (The one I got, you could get different helmets to support different people) to the Golden Football Helmet of Participation!

14 Days of Summer (Fortnite)

 30 June – 7 july (2)

Fortnite charecters sitting around a beach

Fortnite are repeating their 14 Days of Fortnite Christmas event, but as Epic Kitten put it, they’re getting a bit lazy at naming the events, so it’s just “14 days of Summer”, although there’s no hidden meaning (the Christmas one was connected to the 12 Days of Christmas) but I think we can forgive Epic Games because there is loads of cool rewards! There is a new Dive In emote, Water balloon Toy and much more. I’m not saying much about it because you can look at the patch notes here. That will contain everything Epic Games has changed. Once again,

I hope you enjoy your summer and this concludes the Filling in the Days post!

Update: Coming Soon’s main page has been changed into a temporary “coming soon” page. Thanks to the open source w3.css stylesheet for the design!

The second this post is published it goes up, so if you’re seeing this, it either says “Coming Soon” or the new website.



Update: Bye Easter!

So Epic Hedgehog was wondering why in the world does it still say “Epic Bunny Has Been Hiding Eggs – Go Easter Egg Hunting on Our Official Website“, and to be honest, Easter was ages ago, but we still wanted to give people a chance to see it, but it looks like an abandoned channel if it still has stuff from Easter and Epic Hedgehog didn’t make any too recent videos, and I’m working on a big project. (EGA, which needs Recording Studio, the EGA game mechanics, and my new intro, plus I need to finish fixing the website and publishing my changes, because I was quite busy, but fun busy, not “Oh no! I have loads to do!” busy)

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