Update: Changed around the About page

There will be a lot of changes to the Epic Gang website in the Mullafacation redesign, but for now I didn’t really want to fix anything on the website but there was something I noticed in the About Us section that I had copied and pasted the same text that said “to see our history, go to About” even though you were already on about, and the way I said “If you think you have a talent we could use” sounded like it’s some premium club where you would want to work there even though they treat you badly. When you join the Epic Gang, you’re a part of it, so nobody is treated better then otheres, even though we have a ranking structure it doesn’t dictate how well you are treated.

Website Plan Complete + Intro Made

For a while I have been planning on changing up the Mullafacation mainpage and I have found a CSS stylesheet on the internet and it looks really cool so I want to implement that on my website! I haven’t done the pages like “Contact” and “What we do”, but other then that it looks fine!
Also, my new intro has been completed! (Update: The intro was deleted so I need to do it again. More information) I just need to make a few tweaks and then my plan will roll out consisting of: Recording Studio, Replay Engine and and the Epic Gang Adventures


Update: Daily Schedule Disabled

Hi. You probably know that I have been doing a lot of Filling in the Days posts, or having very short posts occasionally but too frequently. Because I am running this website on my own, I am not able to give you good-quality posts on a daily basis. So I have changed it to a weekly basis to make sure you get good posts, and that gives me the time to do interesting things to report to you about.

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Song in Question

Due to copyright issues we might have to cancel the song that we said we would do here, but anyways, we still can have the Draw My Company for Mad Month instead. We won’t reveal what it is yet, you will have to wait ’till Mad Month.

Feburary 8th Revenue Agreement

On February 8th, the Epic Gang partnered with AdSense so that a percentage of the amount of the ads money they pay to YouTube will go to the Epic Gang Media Organization so that we can invest the money back into the videos we make, and fairly split the money between the participating Epic Gang members. Statistics of who is doing the most work will come out.


I have sent Epic Hedgehog his login credentials so he will be able to sign in on the computer so that he can post!  That means we can at last have multiple people working on the website! This will be amazing. Also we have postponed Epic Gang Adventures as you probably know because we weren’t giving you news about it. And that is because…

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