Epic Hedgehog’s Birthday

This was put up last minute, I’ll change it tomorrow.

It’s Epic Hedghehog’s birthday again, but it couldn’t be celebrated in person. If it was celebrated then I didn’t get the invite >:(. Currently I’m doing something in relation to the closure of Adobe Flash, which I want to get finished (I’ll put it on Status soon), but then it’s going to be prioritized to the website (because of the deadline), the Pug & Slug which will actually be our 100th video, I have to get my¬†Fortnite challenges done for March, then I have a surprise for you all and then it’s looking good for Epic Gang Adventures! ūüôā

General Update

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I posted, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the Epic Gang. After the summer break I was very busy in school and the time I had where I wasn’t really tired, I am working on a new video, with lip sync (to get me used to it on Epic Gang Adventures). I’ve never done lip sync before, and has seen barely any tutorials, but it came out great!

Ooh, Epic Gang Adventures will be good ūüėÄ

PS: I can’t believe I actually forgot about the website, I put a thing telling people to send your ideas for MullMC to us, so I’m gonna do a post on that in an hour because I’m doing something¬†now.

Epic Gang Adventures Scripts! + Channel Art


Digitally, I am doing nothing (other than working on a Mario Kart Computer Emulator game), but I am doing the scripts for EGA. I had a plan, but I don’t actually have the full scripts out. So far, there is 5 charecters:

  • Mull
  • Epic Hedgehog
  • Epic Kitten¬†/ Aral
  • Epic Owl
  • Sgt Narheeski – (police officer)
  • The Host – (???)

I really don’t want to give anything away but as profitable films produced and distributed would reveal things. I am doing a trailer so you will get more of an insight there. I am working more vigorously on the plot, seeing as it is a big part in the planning.

Other than that Happy Halloween! (channel art coming soon)

Read on for the channel art!

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Epic Gang Adventures Soundtrack

As showed in the last post, there would be music (obviously, imagine a dead quiet animation), but so that you can listen to the raw files we can make a .zip file of all the songs included for you to download. OK, I know that downloading a file from a relatively small organisation is usually a bad idea, but you can look at the files, and if your operating sytem (e.g Windows, MacOS) allows you and you will only see two files:

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Google has us sorted! – EGA Theme

So basically everyone who reads this website will know that I am working on the animated series¬†Epic Gang Adventures, it has it’s own sub-category¬†if you’re new and you’re interested. Anyways, there was an issue floating around in my head, that was what will our theme tune be/ introductory music be? So, to celebrate¬†Johann Christian Bach, Google has created a Bach AI music simulator. There is a sort of “electric” mode so I head over to that and created our end theme. And for the start theme we’ll get some royalty-free external music. Perfecto!

Compose your own music here.

Recording Studio Alpha is nearly complete!

Recording¬†Studio, the software I am developing for recording lines for Epic Gang Adventures, is on the peak of completion, and then it will be publicly available under the Creative Commons Share-Alike Licence 2.0. That’s the only reason why production on¬†Epic Gang Adventures has halted, but it will be back in operation of the release of¬†Recording¬†Studio¬†Beta.


I have sent Epic Hedgehog his login credentials so he will be able to sign in on the computer so that he can post!¬† That means we can¬†at last¬†have multiple people working on the website! This will be amazing. Also we have postponed Epic Gang Adventures as you probably know because we weren’t giving you news about it. And that is because…

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It’s Started!

We have started working on Epic Gang Adventures! We will probably publish the SB3 file online or convert it to a SWF file. We don’t know how long it will take, because we have never timed it
or actually did it in the first place. We will have it done ASAP because we have something else to do after so we don’t want to keep you waiting. I hope you enjoy and I know

I will enjoy animating it! See you soon!