Epic Gang Adventures Scripts! + Channel Art


Digitally, I am doing nothing (other than working on a Mario Kart Computer Emulator game), but I am doing the scripts for EGA. I had a plan, but I don’t actually have the full scripts out. So far, there is 5 charecters:

  • Mull
  • Epic Hedgehog
  • Epic Kitten / Aral
  • Epic Owl
  • Sgt Narheeski – (police officer)
  • The Host – (???)

I really don’t want to give anything away but as profitable films produced and distributed would reveal things. I am doing a trailer so you will get more of an insight there. I am working more vigorously on the plot, seeing as it is a big part in the planning.

Other than that Happy Halloween! (channel art coming soon)

Read on for the channel art!

channel art:

The new channel art is a picture of The Host, the antagonist of Epic Gang Adventures. The picture is captioned “All of the Epic Gang wishes you a very happy Halloween! (Epic Gang Adventures: Coming 2020). Yup, it’s incredibly ambiguous, but I have no idea the date, but I know it won’t take until 2021). 😆


Image described above


Stretched out version of above, but not that much you would notice

It is a bit distorted to fit the channel art