It’s here.

Scratch 3.0 is here at last! It just came into effect a few minutes ago! I was busy playing a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament organised by Epic Owl (prev. Epic Duckling, need to change the name still :O ).

Epic Moose, Epic Walrus, Epic Hedgehog, Epic Owl, Epic Slug and 4 others played. I was Villager and Owl won as King DeDeDe 😃. We did it for 3 hours and it was fun although me and Hedgehog were noobs at the game. We also did 3v3 teams, the only one I remember is Hedgehog and Leo’s team the Dank Memes. I can’t remember out name though. I will keep practicing on the 3DS. Well gotta go, I got to work on the Adventures!!!

And no, I didn’t get the scaffolding Minecraft update, I don’t have it on the Xbox 360 because it hasn’t come and I didn’t get it for the Xbone.