Epic Gang Adventures Soundtrack

As showed in the last post, there would be music (obviously, imagine a dead quiet animation), but so that you can listen to the raw files we can make a .zip file of all the songs included for you to download. OK, I know that downloading a file from a relatively small organisation is usually a bad idea, but you can look at the files, and if your operating sytem (e.g Windows, MacOS) allows you and you will only see two files:

  • .zip (e.g file.zip), as mentioned before is harmless, just a folder but could contain malware, but this one doesn’t, you’ll see why later. If your OS doesn’t show you the end of the file, you can look at the image, it should adjacent to it (a zipped folder)
  • .mp3 (e.g file.zip) can be found inside the .zip file. The mp3 is a music type file, so it can’t harm your computer.

However, you should never ever download an .exe (executable) because once you run that program and give your OS the heads up, anything could happen to your computer. If you still don’t feel comfortable downloading it, research it online.