Weird Hiatus Thing

( To anyone that is looking at the Epic Gang website for whatever reason or other )

Wow, it’s weird to use the WordPress interface after all this time. I haven’t posted anything here since April because of the weird way I prioritise things (which is a long and complicated unnecessary philosophical story I’ll leave to another day) and end up doing none of those things anyways. I don’t like abandoning projects, and I’m not abandoning the Epic Gang but at the moment we are at the 99 video mark and so I can’t make any progress without making a 100 Video Special which will come out some day. I was busy over the holiday talking to Epic Pug and learning about the country of Turkmenistan for no particular reason when I could have been updating the Christmas channel art that may actually fit the time of year at this point. I’m still thinking away with the Epic Gang Adventures storyline, I wrote it up so I won’t forget. My gramamar might be terrible and I may not be taking time to format this properly but if I don’t do it quickly I won’t do it at all.

The rest of the members and I exist even if it’s not down on public record and we’re doing something, even if you don’t know what.

Haloween Downtime

Hi everyone, I haven’t got to share anything with you on Halloween because the website went down. Luckily it’s back up again. My time management is improving so I will probably get the second side project I was doing done so we can get the 100th video on the Epic Gang! Despite my plan last year to get EGA done, it would be silly to try to finish it from now until January. Fortnite Season 5 I think is coming soon so I’m nearly at the point where I can get more money or of the Battle Pass then I lose paying for it. But I’ll keep you updated, so talk to you next time. 🙂

The first thing off the List!

So the day has come at last.

I have finished the “News programme” which I have been working on for the last 2 years, meaning we can proceed with the rest of things to do on the List There is one mistake I noticed at the premiere which I can fix quite easily but it has fulfilled it’s purpose. So as it stands, there is only two side-projects that I need to do before I start working on the new Mullafacation website (at last) which is fixing the Trench in MullMC which I promised I would do and doing the Epic Pug & Epic Slug video I was talking about earlier.

I had this mad frenzy of completing it because I set a date for when it was to be completed so for about 1 or 2 days I worked on it a LOT and I put everything else secondary, like the Trench, which needs to be finally repaired once and for all (don’t worry, you’ll get a MullMC database when it comes out telling you what all these stuff are, because by the time you get to play it on the opening day, the Trench will be gone.)

I’m also planning on making time for the Vent projects so that I can get things done while not just solidly working on them which never works. But no matter how slowly we move (which is why I’m rightfully named Epic Slug) we will get there in the end. That should be my catchphrase. 😀

Unexpected Encounter!

Sorry, I meant to make this post ages ago but I was on holiday (don’t worry, not abroad, and I’m social distancing etc.) and I forgot about the website but I have something cool that happened to me. So I was playing with my friend who isn’t in the Epic Gang, and his friend joined. His friend recognized my username and started questioning me to see where they recognized me from and they started naming off Epic Hedgehog’s friends and they realized it was me! I never thought I met Epic Penguin in real life but it turned out that I saw him every day and didn’t know that he was in the Epic Gang! We started talking about the videos they were in and I was telling him that recording isn’t working for Hedgehog and I’m working on a big video series so I wasn’t uploading. Hopefully I’ll get to see him in real life pretty soon. 🙂

I forgot who Epic Penguin was lol but they remembered which I think is really cool. Anyways more posts coming up, after all, you deserve them for our 4th birthday! Especially when we’ve gone quiet for a good while.

The Continuous Rising and Falling of MullMC

I haven’t been saying anything on the website at all in the past few months, because I have been busy. I’m taking my time doing the EGA script because I don’t want it to be rushed so at the moment I’m doing a lot of work with Epic Hedgehog. Now if I was releasing announcements I could probably turn this into multiple posts because a LOT has been going on. So I’ll try to start from the very start.
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Epic Hedgehog’s Birthday!

02/02/2020 is a palindromic date that reads the same forward and backward. With 33 days gone of the year and 333 days to go, it is Epic Hedgehog’s birthday once again! There wasn’t an event on so there isn’t as much to report on as last year, but it still was fun. The cross-play Minecraft wasn’t working because every user had to have a separate online PSN account to play online so we did tournaments in other games, some I’ve never heard before like Brawlhalla, so I learnt a lot as well. I was planing on revamping all my websites and releasing today because it was so numerically special but I didn’t get a chance, but it’s a cool day to have a birthday on!


Today is 1/1/2020. It’s the end of a decade so I thought I might do something for it. It’s a cool date to found a company, so that’s what I did!

You may be wondering why I don’t remember to post frequently, I have one job! Well, not really. I operate lots of private companies, and not in the sense you can’t buy shares – the companies are publicly inaccessible. Why? Because they are very much interlinked with my actual identity, such as my appearance and information about me. This company predates the Epic Gang by a number of years. Also because it means a lot to me I don’t want to introduce it in the wrong way. I find that making a post like this isn’t sufficient to reveal the name of it and what it does e.t.c. So I’m not going to! (yet) I made Vent (Its called that because I made a cool V combined with a ? and wanted it to be in a logo).

Vent is the public division of my private company, so if I make something publicly I can release it under Vent. This is also a company that links all of my companies I have contributed to even the ones I don’t own, like the Epic Gang or River (Epic Kitten’s holding company). I am drawing out a map of all the Vent companies and there are a lot! So now my secret organisation has a name, Vent Productions.

I will also make a Smash Bros video but that doesn’t have to be today

Regarding the website

Before I begin, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Decade!

My computer was completely full up with Epic Gang and Epic Kitten videos so I  had literally no room to work on the website, VsCode couldn’t write the file. But I am going to release a temporary website saying what I am doing so that you guys know what I’m up to and what am I going to do next.

Season 11

Short update

Ok, whats happening now is weird in the world of Fortnite, but I’m not getting my challenges done, I’m working on a video!

Tests Lost

I haven’t been posting because all of my Portal 2 tests were deleted when the desktop computer was cleared of all of the games (because they wouldn’t store anything important) but peadar forgot about the tests so all of the work was gone. Fortunately, I could remember the main plot of most of the tests, but fortunately/unfortunately for you, I made it better so I spent all my time on that, rather then the likes of the Website and Recording Studio.

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