The Continuous Rising and Falling of MullMC

I haven’t been saying anything on the website at all in the past few months, because I have been busy. I’m taking my time doing the EGA script because I don’t want it to be rushed so at the moment I’m doing a lot of work with Epic Hedgehog. Now if I was releasing announcements I could probably turn this into multiple posts because a LOT has been going on. So I’ll try to start from the very start.

Over the past couple of months people were getting bored being stuck inside and I won’t go on a rant about the lockdown because you’ve all experienced it to some extent. So Hedgehog started to take a liking to Minecraft servers after playing LoverFella’s survival server and he remembered that I had a server for the Epic Gang, myself and Epic Kitten and he started making his own server.

Before we were trying to clear out land to make the survival server and it seemed a bit tedious so he sort of went off it, but he found a nice hill and started making a spawn. What I didn’t expect though, was that all his other friends from LoverFella’s and other people he knew started contributing to it as well and it started growing really quickly. I dropped the “you get a world, you get a world” and just turned it into a themed version seen as Hedgehog didn’t want to associate it with the Epic Gang which is partly why I didn’t make a post on it yet. I can’t actually share with you any builds because it’s not public yet, and we have a Discord server (it’s like a big group chat) which is also private. Epic Hedgehog is the official owner because he’s better at managing the server then I am but I do all the physical running of the server.

We came into a couple of hard times seeing as that everyone is moderator, something is going to go wrong (we will make  a permission hierarchy eventually where trusted people have more power). Everything started going downhill when I was renaming the worlds and deleted the event server and the survival server because a few days after someone put a huge hole in the ground with WorldEdit when it was only meant to be small. So I had to start the recovery effort.

Luckilly, peadar, who runs the server this website and the Minecraft server is on has a weekly backup of the machine. A weeks work is still a lot for the server because it is quite active, but it’s way better then losing everything we ever worked on. So I got both worlds and loaded them in. The one problem was the hole. We didn’t want to go back to the old version because there is this cool tree that a lot of people were working on and as I said I won’t show pictures, but if you could see it you really would know what I’m talking about. So we had the idea of copying the chunk from the old world that was deleted and using WorldEdit to copy and paste it back in. For some reason we didn’t know the old world wasn’t loading on the server and I realised is that you can’t have 2 worlds with the same name in the same server. So I was going to have to find out how to change the name.

Last week Epic Hedgehog just realized there’s a really easy way to do it and it was perfect! I was really happy because we had been wanting to fix it for ages. His idea was to have the old world on the server, copy it into a test world, stop the server and load in the new world and copy and paste the missing chunk from the test world into the new world. As Epic Hedgehog said, it was a really “big brain idea”. It feels sort of weird now without the hole, but I’m really glad.

At the moment I’m trying to fix what I call The Trench because I didn’t copy the whole chunk but I did it before and it will be really easy to fix it. I am still working away on the stuff on Mullafacation Status so I’m very busy at the moment. There’s another post I want to do on an Epic Gang member who I had a surprise encounter with so stay tuned, and stay Epicly Awesome.

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