Unexpected Encounter!

Sorry, I meant to make this post ages ago but I was on holiday (don’t worry, not abroad, and I’m social distancing etc.) and I forgot about the website but I have something cool that happened to me. So I was playing with my friend who isn’t in the Epic Gang, and his friend joined. His friend recognized my username and started questioning me to see where they recognized me from and they started naming off Epic Hedgehog’s friends and they realized it was me! I never thought I met Epic Penguin in real life but it turned out that I saw him every day and didn’t know that he was in the Epic Gang! We started talking about the videos they were in and I was telling him that recording isn’t working for Hedgehog and I’m working on a big video series so I wasn’t uploading. Hopefully I’ll get to see him in real life pretty soon. 🙂

I forgot who Epic Penguin was lol but they remembered which I think is really cool. Anyways more posts coming up, after all, you deserve them for our 4th birthday! Especially when we’ve gone quiet for a good while.