Introducing Epic Pug!

OK, I know there’s an Epic Puppy, but we’ll let them away with it, because they did contribute to the channel 🙂

We have a new member! Epic Pug is Epic Kitten’s friends brother and I’ve known them for a few years and when I was talking to them they were thinking of doing YouTube, so I said they can join the Epic Gang if they want. I had a look over the requirements and they were considered trustworthy by me (who is an honorary HR member even though I’m not in the theme tune) and has contributed to the Epic Gang (yes they will be in a video) so they are automatically in the Senior Squad! I won’t put a deadline on the video though, because I have loads of other Vent projects (MullMC, the news programme, Epic Gang Adventures etc.), but I’ll see what I can manage. 😉