Season 3 and some updates

I was thinking before Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 started about an idea where you could have an emote that would let you change into another skin during the game, but then Epic Games would have to make a transition from every skin to every other skin which would be quite hard to do.

, the new season is centered around Marvel characters and you can get built-in emotes for skins in the Battle Pass that can transition the new skins into other forms such as Tony Stark to Iron Man. Built in emotes means you can only use it on one type of skin, so they only have to do ONE skin transitioning into the other and vice versa. So while I thought up the idea before it even came out but unlike me, Epic Games found a way to make it work.

I’m not going to get the Battle Pass until I make it past the tier where I get more money back.

I sort of forget about the Epic Gang website now because I don’t have a schedule, so I’ll stick to the biweekly posting. 🙂 I’m not doing the Epic Pig and Slug video yet because I’m going to do the “News programme” first because there’s no point in starting loads of things and not finishing the previous tasks because then nothing gets done