Today is 1/1/2020. It’s the end of a decade so I thought I might do something for it. It’s a cool date to found a company, so that’s what I did!

You may be wondering why I don’t remember to post frequently, I have one job! Well, not really. I operate lots of private companies, and not in the sense you can’t buy shares – the companies are publicly inaccessible. Why? Because they are very much interlinked with my actual identity, such as my appearance and information about me. This company predates the Epic Gang by a number of years. Also because it means a lot to me I don’t want to introduce it in the wrong way. I find that making a post like this isn’t sufficient to reveal the name of it and what it does e.t.c. So I’m not going to! (yet) I made Vent (Its called that because I made a cool V combined with a ? and wanted it to be in a logo).

Vent is the public division of my private company, so if I make something publicly I can release it under Vent. This is also a company that links all of my companies I have contributed to even the ones I don’t own, like the Epic Gang or River (Epic Kitten’s holding company). I am drawing out a map of all the Vent companies and there are a lot! So now my secret organisation has a name, Vent Productions.

I will also make a Smash Bros video but that doesn’t have to be today