Weird Hiatus Thing

( To anyone that is looking at the Epic Gang website for whatever reason or other )

Wow, it’s weird to use the WordPress interface after all this time. I haven’t posted anything here since April because of the weird way I prioritise things (which is a long and complicated unnecessary philosophical story I’ll leave to another day) and end up doing none of those things anyways. I don’t like abandoning projects, and I’m not abandoning the Epic Gang but at the moment we are at the 99 video mark and so I can’t make any progress without making a 100 Video Special which will come out some day. I was busy over the holiday talking to Epic Pug and learning about the country of Turkmenistan for no particular reason when I could have been updating the Christmas channel art that may actually fit the time of year at this point. I’m still thinking away with the Epic Gang Adventures storyline, I wrote it up so I won’t forget. My gramamar might be terrible and I may not be taking time to format this properly but if I don’t do it quickly I won’t do it at all.

The rest of the members and I exist even if it’s not down on public record and we’re doing something, even if you don’t know what.