Epic Kitten is now Galaxycat

I wanted to make a post out of this ages ago but I didn’t think I had enough to say, I still don’t but it’s better with news than no news (which may contradict what I said earlier when I deicide to stop posting biweekly so that you could get better quality posts which now is turning into no posts at all. See what I did there? By talking about something for a large amount of words I now can announce something mildly important and make a proper post out of it. I am very sneaky.

Anyways, Epic Kitten likes cats and galaxies so her YouTube channel is now Galaxycat, while she still is keeping Epic Kitten on some other platforms like XBOX. She’s starting fresh with her YouTube channel so all her Epic Kitten vs. 2048 videos are unlisted, but will appear in EGA as a backstory for her character. The series originally started as a character called Sn-oh Dear! (a reindeer skin from the Christmas/Christmas Skin Pack pack) and went on adventures to stop the evil 2048 who kept breaking out of prison in the tutorial castle’s dungeon and she lived in a recreation of Stampylongnose’s Lovely House. She was going to make the transition to Xbox One in an Opening Day video along with a precursor in the new tutorial where she stops to set up base but 2048 is lurking underground in a Museum with traps set up for her, but that never went ahead due to a delay and a final decision she didn’t want to do voice acting (she’s fine for EGA because it’s not like she’s talking constantly) which marked the end of the series but the start of things like Gacha Life animations and other miscellaneous things like this very helpful guide to complete the first and easiest chamber in Portal 2 which works for all chambers and is a quick and easy method 😉. Speaking of that video, I didn’t have time to finish my April Fool’s Day animation which will roll over to next year and I still have some channel art to do, so better get motoring.