Update: Daily Schedule Disabled

Hi. You probably know that I have been doing a lot of Filling in the Days posts, or having very short posts occasionally but too frequently. Because I am running this website on my own, I am not able to give you good-quality posts on a daily basis. So I have changed it to a weekly basis to make sure you get good posts, and that gives me the time to do interesting things to report to you about.

I knew that I needed help with the posts to keep up the daily schedule. I am definitely not abandoning this website because Epic Hedghog and I have spent so much time building the channel and I have so many upcoming animations and videos that I have spent a long time coming up with. But if you want to help. Contact me now. I would appreciate a helping hand to get us up to frequent post. This might not be a permanent feature, I am seeing what works. I might be able for biweekly or every other day but if I can’t give you good posts then I will not give you bad ones. If you have any questions or concerns let me know in the comments below or through the contact section. We appreciate your feedback so we can make the Epic Gang as best as it can be. We hope that you are satisfied with my reasoning because I don’t want to give you bad posts.


Epic “Mullafacation” Slug

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