A word on the recent homepage rebranding

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I didn’t really cover this on here or really announce it in any way, but I have removed the Coming Soon page on the Mullafacation homepage as I have said I was going to do for three years since it went up in 2019, but this was not something I was planning to do. If you remember the blog post I made showcasing the new design, the information on the main page is under “Old bio” but the actual design is different. But why is the design different, and is that a new logo?

Well, yes, that is the newest logo of Mullafacation, so new that it actually hasn’t been introduced yet. I wanted to release the homepage so that I could link to it and it would actually give you a portfolio of stuff that I am doing and have done. I guess I could have just finished that website but I am going to rebrand to that logo anyways so I figured I would just use that. I haven’t used that logo (Logo № 5) yet because I had a plan on when I was going to introduce it: I was to release a video on Oversimplified Logos (which shows how long I had planned that as that ship sailed in 2021) on the Mullafacation channel, but before releasing that I was going to release the First Video and then the Channel Trailer, so with all this backlog that I would need to get through, it wasn’t likely that I was going to introduce the logo soon.

The simple list of links with a bit of design/CSS is all that the homepage really needs to be, but I’ll still say that it’s temporary for now. The reality is that I like it and I don’t think it will go to the “new” design. After all these years, the Coming Soon page couldn’t vanquished without a post about it, so here it is!

And yes, it is inconsistent, and that’s something that would annoy me (and the YouTube channel logo is still inconsistent until I release the First Video because there is some meta stuff going on there that you’ll see soon) but for the sake of actually getting stuff done, I’ve rolled it out now. And it’s better to do something than to not do it at all.

More information on the logo and what it means coming soon!