Gaming: Minecraft Earth is in Closed Beta!


I was out and about when I got a notification that Minecraft had uploaded a video. As followers of the game will know, Minecraft Earth was introduced to us very ambiguously. We didn’t know anything about the game when the trailer came out. The trailer, which was released May 17, showed the interaction of Minecraft and the real world, suggesting a Pokémon Go! sort of gameplay style. In the trailer, we learn that it is a game similar to Pokémon Go, but with blocks instead of Pokémon.

Now, this is the interesting bit, that sounds really cool: You can build Minecraft creations WITH your blocks to make an Augmented Reality Minecraft Structure so you can walk around your creation and go inside! This makes Minecraft really realistic and has took Minecraft one step further.

For a game like Minecraft, which still remains the best selling game of all time and has being going for a long while keeping up with technological advancements, specifically when Microsoft Studios took over an brought us Update Aquatic, Village & Pillage and Minecraft Dungeons, we’re not surprised that Minecraft is still getting better.

I saw the notification ding into my phone yesterday morning and I only got to talk about it now. You can sign up for a beta test but the Country Residence was all in Chinese Simplified for some reason and I didn’t know which one was Ireland. It’s working now, and I have signed up!

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