Epic Owl’s Second Super Smash Tourney!

Epic Owl has held another Smash tourney, but I didn’t record the bracket because I was making the certificate instead because I ran out of time to do it at home.  I actually beat Epic Owl, incredibly. I knew I practiced a lot but Epic Owl had put hours into Smash Bros. and it’s kind of disappointing to see him lose, but shakes up the competition a bit. In the second round I lost to Epic Walrus, who actually went on to win! I didn’t do the suspension this time because you didn’t get a bigger idea of it, but it’s still just as important as when he won last time. This time I made a digital certificate and a written one, and I branded the tourney with a smash ball with an S inside it, and I put that logo, but in the style of the Smash Bros Cup Tourney logo. Here are some pictures!

Nintendo Switch shaped Certificate saying GAME! Congratulations

The blank certificate template, the names weren’t on it for privacy reasons

Blanks in order from left to right, up to down: Epic Walrus’s full name, Epic Walrus’s name they set in-game, Epic Owl’s full name, Epic Slug’s full name (me).

Epic Walrus

AS Kirby

Victory message:

“I knew I should have picked Kirby!”