Epic Owl’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cup Tourney

Epic Owl has hosted another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cup Tourney and this is the results.

  • First up Epic Fish went up against a computer and the computer won, but he was new to the game.
  • Then Epic Walrus went up against Hugh and really surprisingly won, as Hugh was pretty much the 2nd best player after Epic Owl.
  • Then Leon was defeated by a lvl. 3 computer.
  • Then Epic Owl played John and won, unsurprisingly.
  • Then a computer was destroyed by Frank.
  • Epic Hedgehog won against a computer, and that was his second time playing SSB ever.
  • Epic Moose was surprisingly destroyed by a computer.
  • Then I played Epic Fish, and previously I was a noob (this time I beat 6 people in 4-for-all (which I previously wasn’t good at) practices and won at my first and second 1v1 online matches) but I got a bit of practice playing it on my 3DS and managed to beat him as Villager.
next round
  • The CPU was destroyed by Epic Walrus.
  • Epic Owl destroyed a CPU.
  • Frank eliminated poor Epic Hedgehog
  • And I was up against the CPU who managed to defeat Epic Moose, and was about to destroy it, until I forgot how to revive and fell off the map, otherwise I could have done really well.
  • Epic Walrus played Epic Owl, and we knew that Epic Owl would win because he won every single other tournement/practice we ever did, and guess who won? Epic Walrus!
  • So because of the really surprising results (I don’t know why this happened, maybe people were having a bad day) but the CPU managed to get into the semi-finals but Frank eliminated the computer.
  • The battle between Epic Walrus and Frank would say who came first and who came second, but at least both of them would get a prize. But who won?