Doctor Who ROBLOX Items!

Because I have a bit more time in lockdown (I’m still doing schoolwork) I wanted to get things done and as a result I haven’t been playing that many video games. So Epic Hedgehog messaged me saying there is this TARDIS backpack I can get for a limited time and I looked it up and it turns out ROBLOX made four items free, the backpack, the Pterrible Pting (which hasn’t come into Doctor Who yet I don’t think) the Thirteenth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor.I was very happy about this because ROBLOX and Doctor Who are two things I like a lot, because they both appear in the Mullafacation logo. I changed my character to have the Tenth Doctor’s suit. Anyways, if there’s still time you can get these items, and I’ll link to them. Click on each item’s title to open it in a new tab.

The Thirteenth Doctor with a rainbow jumper

This bundle, made of a bit of adrenaline, a dash of outrage, and a hint of panic, is based on Jodie Whittaker’s character in Doctor Who.

The Tenth Doctor in a suit with a tie

Two legs, two arms, two hands, BIG hair…and sideburns! This bundle is based on David Tennant’s character in Doctor Who.

TARDIS with backpack straps

Funny thing about this backpack…it’s much, much bigger on the inside. This item is from the Doctor Who collection.

The Pterrible Pting
Small monster with big eyes and tiny hands

This tiny terror from Doctor Who can eat any inorganic material. Thankfully, however, it won’t eat any organic material (meaning you).