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Terms and Conditions

Free & Easy is a subdirectory of Mullafacation Sole Traders. When we say we, us or our we mean the Sole Trading group Mullafacation.


No other entity can copy the Free&Easy name, as being used for a virtual currency website

The F&E logo and text in the F&E website are copywrighted by Mullafacation Sole Traders.


We guarantee you, by using our site you are not engaging in illegal "hacking" activity.

If this non-profit site is found to be breaking any GDPR or European law policy, we ahve the ability to shutdown this whole site.

We're not lying, it's just ambigious

We infer that you will get free ROBUX/Vbucks but never actually say that. I really wanted to make a free ROBUX scam because it might be fun to design, but at the same time we don't want to do anything illegal. We're also sending a message: That no website other then ROBLOX or the Fortnite APPLICATION (programme) can give you it's in-game virtual currency. Don't fall for them.

You were probably confused into thinking we were a money laundering scam, lying when we started rambling about "free V-bucks and ROBUX scams", although we never say it's free. Or that it's the only website that works.

We want you to be careful and not believe everything you see online and always read the Terms and Conditions ;)

It's fun to make websites with the scam kind of feel to them. I just kind of feel bad for catching out any gullible people affected. I hope they read this page. :(

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