Welcome, everyone to the NEW WEBSITE!

Hello! As you have (probably) noticed the Epic Gang website is a ʙɪᴛ different! Before getting into all the cool changes (there is many) in the new version I would like to explain what led to those changes.

  1. We now have 30 subscribers on our YouTube channel and it is very exciting seen as we started at zero and people actually wanted to not only look at the content we created but to want to get every single video when it is released and to enjoy it.
  2. We haven’t celebrated 2 years yet so now is the time to party!
  3. Our very first fan art was handed to the founder Epic Hedgehog in person by Leah and we thing the writing is SO neat and the Tactical SMG (Epic Hedgehog’s favourite Fortnite weapon. (RIP Tactical SMG) looks AMAZING!
  4.  We are getting a cool new intro!

Epic Slug (mullafacation) designed the website. (That’s me!) The original one looked cool too but we want accessibility. Nobody in the entire Epic Gang has heard of a Private Key or the Hypertext Markup Language so it would be almost impossible to get anyone other then me to post anything. But thanks to our friends at WordPress.org who have made doing websites super easy. So here are the things that is going to make things easier and Epicly Awesome™!

  • Accounts, simple way of logging in! Just enter your Epic Gang Username and your password!
  • Posts – We try to make videos as frequently as possible but the Epic Gang members can’t be constantly playing PlayStation or XBOX 24/7, so introducing Posts! Takes 5 minutes to give an update of what the Epic Gang are doing so you can stay tuned in wherever you are.
  • Accessibility – You might have guessed it from the last feature, that you can “stay tuned in wherever you are”. – Not just on PC! It’s now accessible on the tablet or the phone! And the Epic Gang can post on the go so there will be something cool from Epic every. single. day.
  • Contact Us – With our Contact us page you can talk to us easily until we have our own mail server on the website!
  • Criteria and Privileges – You can now get a description of the Epic Gang, Senior Squad, Junior Jumpers and Baby Bumpers and what you need to get promoted. Also, what each rank is able to do. Each user has a role (like Admin, Editor, Subscriber) which you can get if you are a certain rank!
  • Comments – Express your opinions on the matter (Must be suitable for people under 7. We want the Epic Gang to be a safe, child friendly environment. Any comments that have been flagged suspicious will be reviewed by the Epic Gang and they will try to tackle the situation.)
  • Appearance – The Epic Gang website looks a lot cooler too! Look at this very fancy page!
  • You can join! – Yup, YOU can join the Epic Gang too! Anyone can register! We’re so exited to see new people in the Epic Gang!

There are still some features that are a Work In Progress such as:

  • Vector pictures of the Epic Gang on their descriptions in “Members”.
  • Leah’s fan art (we need to take a picture)
  • A rule page (so admins don’t delete all of the Epic Database. D:)

I have enjoyed making this website and I hope you enjoyed reading this little (as in exactly 600 words) welcome message as much as I did making it.

Have an Epic day,

Epic “Mullafacation” Slug

Leader of the Senior Squad, Cheif Technical Officer (CTO) and designer for the Epic Gang.