Does the Epic Gang have an email subscription link or e-newsletter service?

No, we don’t just yet. We don’t have a mullafacation mailing server so we can’t send emails via the website and we are certainly not jeopardising any of our personal emails to spam. Speaking of spam, this question came in from a commenter who advertised a link. Unfortunately we did not approve the comment because it had a link in it. We can’t control other websites and we proudly can say truthfully that we are centred around a children audience (although we welcome anyone) and so we are 100% child friendly and we can’t trust other websites to post bad things.

I don’t mean to accuse anyone of spam although the language was identical to other commenters with the same name. They all said “It’s appropriate time to be happy.” But thanks to all the commenters if you really are legitimate, just refrain from using links outside of the site or to over PG websites.