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The Epic Gang have officially released their page for chatting about the channel. Comments don’t seem to work because nobody is using them excluding spammers so we decided to have another form of communication.

Before we get into the article just to let you know that this will be kind of long because we want to make up for the missed week. We’ll show you loads of stuff in store for you. Also I didn’t mean to post it on the wrong day. I had finished the post just about but I posted it 15 December. Oops!

So we created a server on a thing called Discord (a gaming targeted VoiP) back in January  and added a bot that filtered the texts and stuff but we didn’t actually use it for anything. So Epic Hedgehog started talking about it for Sea of Thieves so I was thinking “Why don’t I tell him about our server?“. And I did so. He thought it was a great idea so here we are now! Here’s what you can expect off it:

Naming System

You can use any name you want as long as it’s appropriate (the bot will filter you) but the Epic Gang members have to use their Epic name but you can optionally use your username at the end (e.g. Epic Slug (mullafacation)).


We have emojis with all of the Epic Gang members on them + the logo so that you can show people what Epic character you’re talking with in style without pinging them. To do an emoji, choose it from the list or chat :slug: (“Slug” means the URL friendly version of something so my slug is “slug”. LOL). You can also chat :logo: to send our logo. Something missing? Submit your emojis by using the Contact us page or by sending it in the video-ideas channel.


We’re going to find a bot that can let you subscribe to a channel so you get a ping if you’re subscribed and we post something on the website. Just if you use Discord a lot, a lot of gamers do, so we keep that in mind. And we can have different channels you can subscribe to. Cool!

So… how do I even join??!!

Right. You won’t need a Discord account, but it’s a pretty good idea if you want to return on different devices. All you need to do is click here, and press Accept and you’re in!

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