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Earth. This is what we power.

Reducing Fossil Fuels to Keep the World a Better Place

Who we are

Kowami create inspirational ideas for the upkeep of the planet, such as the Kowami Turbine. We were founded on 12/04/2019 in Ireland when Mullafacation, Epic Fish and 2 other people that remain anonymous.

Kowami, as a group have been going since 2018, but were only given a name by Mullafacation at the above date.

We probably will not make that much stuff, or be that active, but anything the 4 people create will be concidered a Kowami product.

What we can impact

Our presence also has a role in itself, to show the Irish government need to eliminate any fossil fuel usage. Because they will know that a lot of people and organizations (big or small) support the elimination of climate change so they can act upon it.

The only other usage of Kowami is anything I, Mullafacation, create that could contribute to the upkeep of the planet. It is a subdivision of Mullafacation, so I have full authorisation to the labratory because I named and made the logo for.

Name and logo

Kowami, as a name, means nothing. I did not know about Kowami.com when I was creating this site, and the name has a weird story behind it: Epic Fish was whispering to keep our ideas quiet and I shouted "WHY ARE WE WHISPERING?!?!" and he whispered "So the other guys don't hear us", but I heard "Because the Kowami guys don't hear us".

The logo is supposed to look a bit like lots of turbines, instead only the first few letters do, and the other ones just follow the design as the other ones, being lime with green circles connecting all the charecter joints.

I kind of have a tendency to make a website about every kind of small, made up company I make.

But we like to say: Every organisation and institute is "made up", no matter how big it is

Use the above navigation bar to go to our different projects.

We do not have an email yet, but if you have any quetions or concerns but you can use the contact us section on one of Kowami's sister projects and select "Chief Technical Officer, Mullafacation (Epic Slug)"

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