The Party Has Begun


Marshmello has just did a Fortnite concert in Pleasant
Park… and it was a COINCIDENCE that it was our leader’s birthday!!!!

The Epic Gang Adventures scripts have secretly arrived at Epic Hedgehog’s party, including Epic Walrus, Gecko, Fish, Tortoise, Owl, me and Sloth. I was designing an Epic Gang Adventures recording project. that’s why I haven’t been posting yesterday. We are going to be doing a big race in Fortnite: Creative Mode and everyone is in the server and the channel art is up! Read more for the live updates.

  • Practice Race
  • Getting the race ready.
  • Hedgehog tries to get people to stop messing around – 17:44
  • At 40 minutes left, we eventually got something done! 🙂
  • Woah! Marshmellow did his Pleasant Park concert… and it was AMAZING!!!!! Best birthday party ever <3. And we did actually get our races done, the finalists were Walrus, Tortoise and Hedgehog. I fell off the mountain XD