Survival World Duplicate Disaster!

On Tuesday I wanted to make a world in Creative that would be identical to our survival world but I would fill the chests with diamonds to surprise Epic Kitten. So, I copied the seed of the world and loaded into the exact same terrain, and beside the Woodland Mansion that was beside our house. Then, I quickly took a video of our house with my laptop and copied it exactly. Just after,  I  flew up into the sky. Then, I renamed the Survival world that I could still get achievements on “gargamel” and renamed the fake world “Gamerscore Survival”, which was what it was originally called. When I clicked done on Gamerscore Survival something horrible happened. gargamel changed to New World and I saw the thumbnail of both being the picture of me in the sky. It had been overwritten! So our survival world was gone, and I was right, it sure did.