Epic Gang’s Birthday Celebration!


Yup, it’s our third birthday. The channel is only 2, but the organization has been around since Summer 2019. So, how will we celebrate it? I can’t say that I will release Epic Gang Adventures really soon, because I am still working my hardest to get everything else done I need to do before it outside and inside the Epic Gang. I was back from holidays at the start of next week, but I needed time to meet my friends again and I wanted to try out the XBOX One edition of Minecraft, and I’m really happy about having the Village and Pillage edition of Minecraft + admin commands. So I helped Epic Kitten out with her new YouTube video which will be on the way soon which will mark the launch of the new office building we built for Epic Kitten videos in Minecraft. I’m not going to give away much but just to let you know it’s on the way.

So what ARE we going to do for the birthday? Well I have a plan. We will reveal the Epic Gang Mascot (Epic Hedgehog’s Humanoid self in EGA) and have it as the channel art, and I’m thinking we could do a timeline of the Epic Gang to reflect everything we’ve done. I don’t know who is reading this but if you are I thank you for reading!

Featured image is our 1st birtday celebration, where we only had 4 members Epic Hedgehog, Fish, Tortoise, Epic Kitten and I.