Fortnite: Season 8

Before I begin, here is some context explaining what is a “season“, but if you already know, skip the preformatted box, and continue on.
The game Fortnite is split into multiple different seasons, where each season has a Battle Pass, a list of paid challenges + a Free Pass (Free challenges for reward items). Each season is themed.

This season’s theme is Pirates! Anyone who completed the Overtime Challenges will get a free Battle Pass, and that might not seem a lot, but keep reading to find out why.

So if you want to buy the Battle Pass, you do it with V-bucks, an in game currency, not actual real money. So, by Epic Games giving people who completed the Overtime Challenges, they get endless supply of skins, emotes, back blings, V-bucks and more, as long as they complete their challenges.


The Battle Pass is 95- V-bucks, and gives you more in return so that means you can pay for the next battle pass.

So that means people like me, who doesn’t want to spend money on Fortnite (because I don’t really play that much), free skins! 🙂