Update: A Whopping Gigantic Post (Filling in the Days)

OK, So I didn’t get to post for a while because I was playing with Epic Hedgehog on Season 8 and I was busy IRL, plus the posts have been quite short recently because I was so busy nothing much was happening, so here’s a gigantic post that might beat the big one. Slam that Continue reading button and let’s get into this.

oh you already did.

Update: Removed old posts

for 2 march, 2019

I removed some of the old posts because they were not giving any information other then that I couldn’t post.

How-to Style

for 3 march, 2019

I was talking to Epic Hedgehog and he said that he was thinking of making  gaming how-to style videos, now that he can make videos rather than live steams with his gaming computer. We might also do Fortnite: Creative Mode island codes because a lot of people ask for island codes everywhere so we will give it to them!

Update: Continued on Season 8 Post

For 4 march, 2019

Because of the reasons mentioned above, I was not able to finish off the Season 8 post, but because of the inconvenience, I can will you Epic Hedgehog’s Fortnite: Battle Royale map prediction. He found another stone head so he thinks that last season (Season 7) there were 7 stone heads and now more and more are appearing so it will probably be 8 stone heads and that there will be a “Search near Stone Heads” challenge. What do you think? Comment!

Pancake Tuesday!

for 5 march, 2019

Happy Pancake/Shrove Tuesday! I have a pancake for you!

A pancake for you!

And this little pancake is a special pancake because it is the first image that was manually uploaded to the “/blog/wp-content/uploads” rather then “/eg/assets“. What a lucky pancake.