Filling in the days.

Hi guys,

I forgot my password for the website so I couldn’t log into it on my phone but luckily I got it working today by finding a device with the password saved on it. Luckily now I can post on my phone so it will be so much easier to give you people posts on a daily basis. Normally I would make the filled in days as separate posts but this way is easier. Because of this technical difficulty we couldn’t post for a while, and here is the filled in days:

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Sorry, again.

We missed 3 days this time because Epic Hedgehog was sick, I was working on a Doctor Who music box and 7 other things at the same time so sorry about that, when we start the ball rolling when we start making Epic Gang Adventures you’ll get loads of posts but for now, you’ll need to hang on tight!

Thanks for your patience,

Update: RSS feed!

The Epic Gang has an RSS feed! That means you can add an extension to your browser that can read RSS feeds, put:

where it asks you to insert the link and then you can get a notification to say when we upload to the website! So make sure to get every post when it comes out. If you want to get a notification for our uploads on YouTube click here! More posts to fill up the missed days coming soon so watch out!