Games, games and more games

Saturday I had a lot of fun playing Smash Bros online with Epic Kitten and on Sunday I tried to get a glider in the Ice Storm Challenge and was one legendary brute away from finishing the challenge when I had to stop. 😀

Update: Spammer No-Tolerance Zone

It was fun editing spammers replies to remove the links, but more and more keep coming and now I have 38 comments I need to approve so I’m going to stop editing them. Once it’s failed the anti-spam system it’s not going to appear here. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Dynamic End Screen

I updated the outro so that it actually works, as in having the videos in the allocated spots and the logo in the middle that you can hover over as an easy way to subscribe to the videos. Sorry I missed a day, I was very busy and if you look at previous posts, if I wasn’t able to post, I don’t have to give you a teaser/video. (:P)

Epic Gecko

Epic Gecko keeps saying he wants to see the Smash Bros results on this website to see how far Hedgehog has gotten (Hedgehog is ill, only woke up at 3) So this is a hello message because he will probably read this.

Positive feedback on the trailer

Yesterday I quickly threw together a video in Microsoft Photos to introduce our new intro/ outro and I’ll add it people loved it. Hedgehog wrote a paragraph and sent it to me via text message, Wanny Rivera, a very active subscriber simply said “wow” and Epic Tortoise were impressed IRL! Thanks guys!