Merry Christmas

Usually I don’t post on Christmas because I don’t have anything to say, but I want to wish you a merry Chrismas regardless. We’ve gained 16 subscribers since last year XD because we weren’t really active on the channel but it’s a good amount of people for a small channel. I’m thinking of doing a slay with Epic Gang charecters as reindeers next year.

Regarding the website

Before I begin, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Decade!

My computer was completely full up with Epic Gang and Epic Kitten videos so I  had literally no room to work on the website, VsCode couldn’t write the file. But I am going to release a temporary website saying what I am doing so that you guys know what I’m up to and what am I going to do next.

Crossplay in Minecraft!

It took a while, but at last we have crossplay in Minecraft!

We’ve seen Epic Games’ Fortnite crossplay from PS4 and XBOX, while both companies (Sony and Microsoft) were very much competitors and wanted nothing to do with each other. So when the Better Together update came to Minecraft a year ago, I thought it meant crossplay and was really happy, but all it did was make sure all of the versions were the same across all platforms. But it’s really here! I can collaborate with Epic Hedgehog on his many PS4 worlds!