Epic Gang is finally a Brand Account!

Since the start of the Epic Gang’s YouTube channel, it was just a Google account, meaning that I had to sign into Epic Hedgehog’s account to upload to the Epic Gang. We initially didn’t want to change it into a Brand Account because the comments would be deleted but Epic Hedgehog wanted a separate profile picture, so we separated the Brand Account from the Google account. There weren’t that many comments on it, and most of them were for announcements on the Epic Gang channel, and the others would have already have been seen. This means that multiple accounts can log into it, but be restricted only to posting YouTube videos, which is perfect for an organisation channel like ours.

Epic Hedgehog’s Birthday!

02/02/2020 is a palindromic date that reads the same forward and backward. With 33 days gone of the year and 333 days to go, it is Epic Hedgehog’s birthday once again! There wasn’t an event on so there isn’t as much to report on as last year, but it still was fun. The cross-play Minecraft wasn’t working because every user had to have a separate online PSN account to play online so we did tournaments in other games, some I’ve never heard before like Brawlhalla, so I learnt a lot as well. I was planing on revamping all my websites and releasing Mullafacation.com today because it was so numerically special but I didn’t get a chance, but it’s a cool day to have a birthday on!