Plugins Coming Soon

Happy Halloween everybody!

Today we were doing a lot of stuff so we didn’t do much Epic Gang related.

But we do know how to install plugins now so we can make the website look even better!

I hope you had a spooktacular Halloween.

Update: Categories

Hi everyone,

The website originally had a thing called “categories”, which divides posts into groups, for example, this post is in Updates. This is supposed to help you to find what you are looking for but it didn’t. Everything was all in one category called Uncategorized. (the page will display a 404 error because there’s none there). So now we have loads of categories and subcategories! The current ones are:

  • Announcements
    • Epic Gang Adventures
    • What’s coming up.
  • Questions Answered
  •  Uncategorized
  • Updates
  • Videos

(The two with inline citations are subcategories of Announcements.)

If you want to see all posts in a category click on the post title, scroll to the bottom, and between the comments and the post it will say it’s categories. Click on the category to see them all. If you like everything in that category you can bookmark it by pressing Ctrl+D on most browsers (or you can just copy and paste the link somewhere you’ll remember) so that when you want to go on the website but only receive Announcements you can click in the Epic Gang icon and it’ll take you right to the Announcements only page. If you want to bookmark a post, click on the title and bookmark that page.

Epic Gang Adventures Scripts!

Epic Gang Adventures’ Episode 1: How I Met Epic Slug‘s entire story line has been written by Epic Slug using ideas from Epic Hedgehog’s uploaded How I Met Epic Slug in Minecraft. Epic Duckling has also put forward good ideas but unfortunately we will have to wait until Episode 2 to see them. He also thought up story lines for Epic Gang Re-enacts Titanic. So we can now start working on the animation and hopefully have it ready by next year at the very, very latest. We are going to be using Scratch 3.0. for animating probably because it is the new version of Scratch.

Why does the Epic Gang just play games?

The Epic Gang are hoping to release a reboot of Epic Gang Adventures following the episode of The Life of Epic Hedgehog. Channels generally have to stick to one topic but if it grows more we can introduce more topics. Now (with the channel and the website) people have a fair idea of what the Epic Gang is so there is room to improve. We are hoping to get that done soon but there still is other things we need to do too. Once they’re out of the way we will definitely re-release the Adventures as a YouTube premiere video.

The Rearrangements of the Roles

The Epic Gang is split into 4 sections but some people are in the wrong one so today they will be changed around as according to the criteria on the Members page.

This does not mean you are “promoted” or “demoted”, it just means the ranks have changed so you still have the same privileges, but you will have a different title.

Tip: Click on each rank to see your requirements for being promoted.

Epic Owl

Epic Duckling has renamed his name to Epic Owl, following discussion of the new Epic Gang member, Epic Wolf. He will not be changed on the channel art though until we release the vector Epic Gang charecters. Next week I will ask Epic Hedgehog to send me a picture of Leah’s fanart for the website and I am exited for that!


Comments are here!

The website now has comments for the posts we make. Epic Fish asked if we had comments enabled and I took into account we have comments enabled on our YouTube videos so we enabled them for the website.

This is a quite short post because it was written yesterday and we can’t see into the future. There may be other posts today.

2 New Epic Gangers!

Today I would like to announce 2 new Epic Gangers that will join us on the same day! These are Epic Wolf and Epic Gecko!

Epic Wolf
  • Epic Wolf was in a conversation with Epic Hedgehog about the Gang and wanted to join us, Epic Ducky wasn’t available because of Epic Duckling having a similar name. They offered to change there name but at that time she had already made up her mind. Epic Duckling is going to have a name change but I have completely forgotten what he wanted his name to be. :/ We’ll have to wait ’till tomorrow.
Epic gecko
  • I (Epic Slug) made a parent company for Epic Gecko’s New Empire called IOES (International Organisation of Evil Spies) because I thought the New Empire was evil (the Empire was evil in Star Wars) so I changed it to the International Organisation of Economical Stuff. However we had a “vote” for who would be POTU (Presedent of The Universe) And IOES happened to be up against the Epic Gang (who I just found out about and wasn’t associated with it in any way, shape or form) and the “Goverment” (sic). The votes were cast at random using a randomiser programme I created making IOES and the Epic Gang having a 50% chance and the Government having a 0% chance (LOL). IOES won after but we had another vote and the Epic Gang won (see the end of The Life of Epic Hedgehog) so IOES and, Gecko being completely anti-Epic Gang. One of the charecters in IOES was Emperor Catatine so I said:

“When Emperor Catatine retires, what animal will be replaced with?”

He couldn’t be Epic Cat (Epic Kitten) so I didn’t instantly make him Epic Cat. It tried to avoid what Epic Hedgehog calls The Ultimate Question (“What animal would you like to be?”, the idea of the Epic Gang,) because he knew it already so I tried the sentence above.  He replied:

“I don’t know, maybe a gecko?”

So then I said that I eventually got him to say his Epic Name so now he is now in the Epic Gang. Very sneaky >:)

Hopefully he will become pro-Epic Gang soon, because he was in the videos (as connor11102006).

Community Contributions

Hi guys, we’ve added a thing called Community Contributions to our videos. That means you can help out the Epic Gang. This means you can:

  • Submit a translated title and description for our videos if you’re bilingual!
  • Add subtitles so people who are deaf, or want to keep the volume down can access our videos easier.
  • Add subtitles in a different language.

If you are interested in any of these things you can read this article and it is really easy and I hope you enjoy it and this will make our videos more accessible no matter who you are. And if you check the box we give you credit! 😀

Also today…

    • Rthro is here to ROBLOX, we don’t play ROBLOX that often anymore because Epic Hedgehog’s computer has gone crazy. But not to fear! He’ll get a new gaming computer on Tuesday25 December!
    • Fortnitemares is here! It’s like Save The World but in Battle Royale! I didn’t get to be in the live stream because it was updating. Why.

And just if you were wondering…

The HAPPY HALLOWEEN post was by Epic Fish who is our first person to make a post other than me! Which I am very happy about and I hope that he and many others will get to post on the website too so that other members of the Epic Gang can get involved (and others thanks to Community Contributions) and that I can rest my tired fingers ;D.

Spooky Channel Art

I have designed the Epic Gang very spooky channel art, featuring the Epic Gang charecters like last time and a mysterious stranger  that Epic Hedgehog created and she will appear in the new Epic Gang Adventures series. We are very exited for Halloween so we put up the channel art. Also it fits i with our video about Epic Hedgehog hearing this spooky singing in Fortnite: Save the World :O which is the first Fortnite VIDEO, not livestream the Epic Gang has done

Have a spooktacular Halloween everybody!