Merry Christmas!

We now have 40 subscribers!

Thanks for all the support we got the last 2 years. I have moderated all of the comments and replied to most of them so do keep sending your comments in, but don’t put any links :-). Sorry we missed the Christmas day post we were too busy celebrating so a very merry Christmas to all at Epic Gang

Removal of the “blog” page.

We have removed “blog” from the top menu because it is an exact duplicate of the main page, as the main page displays the blog. We’re probably going to add something else in there now 🙂 Also before commenting, say potato somewhere in your sentence so we know you’ve actually read the article and aren’t a spammer.

Update: Fixed Big Error

Another error occurred today, it only happened once. Unlike last time, I created the error message when I noticed it wasn’t working, this time I accidentally turned the website into ERROR MODE. Here is the boring info:

Last time I moved the blog to /blogbackup and replaced /blog with a file called "index.html" so people could see a friendly error message opposing to a technical error (Something like "Missing MyAPK file"). After I put all the files back I accidently added index.html into the "blog" directory and apparently index.html takes presedence over index.php so that is why you all saw the error message. All I did was move the file to my hard drive.

These errors won’t happen frequently and I hope that I won’t make big mistakes like that again. It’s still OK because it only happened for a few hours.