Q&A: A rather urgent reply

This week we have had a lot of posts, because it is a busy Easter week, but I regret to say we had a query from last October that wasn’t answered via the Contact Us section. I have no idea how I missed that query for months but anyways, it asked about how to create an account. And we just wanted to acknowledge that we heard you. So read this post.

STICKY: Easter Egg Hunt!

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Easter has arrived today, and to celebrate we are making a virtual Egg Hunt on this website! To crack the code we will give you Easter questions and clues that you have to crack. There are eggs to find. Continue reading for the clues.
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Survival World Duplicate Disaster!

On Tuesday I wanted to make a world in Creative that would be identical to our survival world but I would fill the chests with diamonds to surprise Epic Kitten. So, I copied the seed of the world and loaded into the exact same terrain, and beside the Woodland Mansion that was beside our house. Then, I quickly took a video of our house with my laptop and copied it exactly. Just after,  I  flew up into the sky. Then, I renamed the Survival world that I could still get achievements on “gargamel” and renamed the fake world “Gamerscore Survival”, which was what it was originally called. When I clicked done on Gamerscore Survival something horrible happened. gargamel changed to New World and I saw the thumbnail of both being the picture of me in the sky. It had been overwritten! So our survival world was gone, and I was right, it sure did.


peadar got a Nintendo Switch and I made an Nintendo Switch account on it so I can play Smash Bros. with Epic Owl. I linked up my Nintendo Network account with the Nintendo Switch one and got Nintendo Switch Online. I friended Owl and got Smash Bros and Tetris 99. So now I truly am on all platforms! (not quite, there are things like the Ouya but pretty much). Epic Fish said I should probably get Fortnite at Epic Owl‘s party today where we went to the movies, which is free anyways, as long as I have enough storage space.


Epic Kitten and I created a survival world in Minecraft: XBOX 360 Edition (I didn’t buy it for the One, but it’s on the Game Pass so I might transfer the world) so we could get lots of achievements because Epic Hedgehog had loads so I wanted to try and get some too. We did it on Hard mode and we made a house of Dark Oak with yellow stained glass. We killed an Enderman by having a tunnel 2 blocks high and a gap so the Enderman would stand in the gap and we could kill it from there. We also went mining and got 7 emeralds, TONS of iron and I got 14 XP!