is coming soon and very soon

I’ve started work on the What We Do page and the final widget to be added to the website before we ship it, Windows Uninstaller (a prank thingy people can trick their friends with XD). So that means that I will have it done super quickly seeing as the summer is fast approaching and I’ll have buckets of time to do it then. I am glad that you are so patient and hope it turns out great.

On to Work!

I have, at last, caught up with my Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges with the generous help of Epic Hedgehog. I had about 3 unfinished weekly challenges and about 40 Fortbytes that I did on my own, which took 6 hours, but I’m all caught up in the Fortnite world so I can get some work done. I have tested a green screen to see if it works and it turned out quite well, actually. I can use that for things like if we have merch that we want to sell we can have a green screen backround that looks cool. We also have proper lighting equipment too, so I’m open to help Hedgehog do whatever green screen he wants to. So now, on to work!

You CAN subscribe to certain feeds!

So, I was looking at the Epic Gang website with my RSS feed extension and I went into the Minecraft category and tried to find if you can subscribe to a specific category or tag (say you like “Video Games” or “Minecraft” for example). It turns, out you can! Just go into the specific tag or category and click on your RSS feed extension! Simple! So that means you can get notified if we post something about something you like, you can hear about it, meaning that we don’t have to go through the complicated email strategy I had in mind!

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Epic Hedgehog has Minecraft

I was at Epic Hedgehog’s house yesterday and I helped him set up Minecraft on his new(ish) gaming computer he got at Christmastime. We had to reset the security questions and then we claimed Minecraft (because he already bought it) and got it for free. So now Epic Hedgehog has the PC edition so he can go into servers and get all the updates as soon as they come out (Microsoft pushes it to the Java edition first). We have the Java edition, not the Windows 10 Edition, which is pretty much the same as the Xbox One Edition (that I recently got, actually). So now he can explore his blocky world once again.

Intro Finished

My new introduction is done, so now all I have to do is share the project. I will post it on Scratch, and embed it on the website. It will explain everything about why I re branded and other aspects related to the re brand. I will talk about what I’ll do with my Scratch account profile picture as well. It will appear on this post when I post it on Scratch. If you’re on a mobile device, sadly the embed widget doesn’t work, so you’ll have to view it on the Scratch Website. I know there are programs that do it for you, but they have bugs in them.

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Update: Coming Soon’s main page has been changed into a temporary “coming soon” page. Thanks to the open source w3.css stylesheet for the design!

The second this post is published it goes up, so if you’re seeing this, it either says “Coming Soon” or the new website.




Just when I finished my new intro yesterday, and “had a few tweaks” to do, as you saw from the last post, I closed the window I had the project on and saw the project, but from 3 days ago, and thought it was what I was just working on, and I saved it. And so, everything I did yesterday on the intro was gone. Luckilly, I had no artwork that I couldn’t recreate, except for the new logo, and by some miracle, I accidentally uploaded the SVG logo to my website, so I don’t have to do the whole thing again. Yipee!


So that delays EGA, Recording Studio and Scrolling Replay Engine a bit

Website Plan Complete + Intro Made

For a while I have been planning on changing up the Mullafacation mainpage and I have found a CSS stylesheet on the internet and it looks really cool so I want to implement that on my website! I haven’t done the pages like “Contact” and “What we do”, but other then that it looks fine!
Also, my new intro has been completed! (Update: The intro was deleted so I need to do it again. More information) I just need to make a few tweaks and then my plan will roll out consisting of: Recording Studio, Replay Engine and and the Epic Gang Adventures