Update: Fixed Site Security

“Your connection to this site is not fully secure”

That is your browser warning you that although the Epic Gang Website is secure, the images on it might not be. This means you can’t have a secure site with a mirror (iframe) to another site to bypass the security features. On the post Epic Owl’s Second Super Smash Tourney!, there was lots of images that started with http, not https (s means secure). So I fixed that because the images were secure but I told your browser it wasn’t by accident. Any page with a post like that should come up as not fully secure.

Epic Gang Adventures Scripts! + Channel Art


Digitally, I am doing nothing (other than working on a Mario Kart Computer Emulator game), but I am doing the scripts for EGA. I had a plan, but I don’t actually have the full scripts out. So far, there is 5 charecters:

  • Mull
  • Epic Hedgehog
  • Epic Kitten / Aral
  • Epic Owl
  • Sgt Narheeski – (police officer)
  • The Host – (???)

I really don’t want to give anything away but as profitable films produced and distributed would reveal things. I am doing a trailer so you will get more of an insight there. I am working more vigorously on the plot, seeing as it is a big part in the planning.

Other than that Happy Halloween! (channel art coming soon)

Read on for the channel art!

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Season 11

Short update

Ok, whats happening now is weird in the world of Fortnite, but I’m not getting my challenges done, I’m working on a video!

Sometimes post inactivity comes at convenient times. 😀

I was planning a Building MullMC series to accompany Epic Gang Adventures. So you can send ideas…. …and I build them! So head over to the Contact page and start sending in your ideas! For my partition of the server I’m going to do it city style. There will be a courtroom for hackers etc.

Can’t wait to hear what you say! Also I tried changing the design of the website from the default WordPress one for our websites birthday but I’m too nostalgic 😆

I’m working on it!

I know that I’ve already cut down the posting to weekly and I keep failing to meet all the requirements I’ve set, but school’s started back so I am a bit busy, and the time I have I have to manage all the OTHER organisations I have, private or public. Season X is ending too in Fortnite and I’ve done none of the challenges so I’m catching up. But the 50 subscribers won’t go unnoticed and I have a video idea 🙂

Once again, Epic Gang is not dead, and is far from it 🙂