Fortnite: Season 8

Before I begin, here is some context explaining what is a “season“, but if you already know, skip the preformatted box, and continue on.
The game Fortnite is split into multiple different seasons, where each season has a Battle Pass, a list of paid challenges + a Free Pass (Free challenges for reward items). Each season is themed.

This season’s theme is Pirates! Anyone who completed the Overtime Challenges will get a free Battle Pass, and that might not seem a lot, but keep reading to find out why.

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Lack Of Posting

Epic Owl came over to my house and we played Wii Sports, and he beat me at everything, just about and I beat him at Wii Play so we couldn’t post for a day but we are back in action! Another post will come to Fill in the Days, but ’till then, have a great day.

More Work on Recording Studio

Recording Studio has progressing drastically, and I am super exited for the final result as it will power Epic Gang Adventures. We need to add in the lip sync, though, which is already prepared, but hasn’t been added in as a feature. Hopefully it will be an epic addition to the Hub.

Update: We’re online!

The Epic Gang website is done with WordPress, so you can log in anywhere, but it is different on the Mullafacation website. With the Mullafacation website we have to log in with the private key and it takes slightly longer and is a lot more complicated. But anyway, now I can refurnish the Mullafacation website and other sub domains! I have a plan to make it look better and there also is supposed to be a trademark symbol at the top but it just came out as â„¢ which looks a bit odd, so I will fix that.

Update: New YouTube Subscribe Button!

Mobiles and tablets, scroll to the bottom of this page. Desktops/Laptops (PCs), look to your right and you will see a YouTube embedded subscribe button! Now you can subscribe to our videos in a single click! You will need to be signed into a Google account already, or you will be directed to the Google log-in page and will be prompted to sign in.

Fixed the Bubble

There was a small bubble going around when I didn’t post one day because I was helping Epic Kitten with her video (that hasn’t being completed yet), so I posted twice today so it makes up for it! yay! Also, Epic Kitten has been promoted because she drew the logo on a rock, and it looks super cool. She is quite a good artist.

Update: Epic Gang Channel Tidy-Up

Today I did a massive tidy-up on the channel, where I added loads of thumbnails with the default thumbnail, that I haven’t finished yet and I changed the name of tons of videos Epic Hedgehog made (he thinks about the content, rather then the title) + made a suitable description rather then the normal…

...In Summer 2016 Epic Hedgehog, Epic Fish and Epic Tortoise formed the Epic Gang, a group that would soon be a YouTube channel and then 1 year later we made it! We play ROBLOX, Minecraft and Terraria + much more! If you Subscribe, Like and Comment down on a video your ROBLOX / Xbox 360 / PS4 username and we might join you in a game. Our Xbox account is Epichedgehog07 and our ROBLOX is Flyborg9000 (Epic Hedgehog) jam10107 (Epic Fish) and random10107 (Epic Tortoise). From Mullafacation, Epic Gang's Technology Manager

Also, new channel art, originally it was just still from Epic Hedgehog’s birthday.

I added music to LEGO Tony Life too.

Update: Introducing our new Watermark!

You might have seen before at the bottom of some YouTuber’s videos, a little icon with their logo or image. Well that’s exactly what we have now. The watermark was created by taking the logo, putting it into, then I created a new layer and traced over the white lines in the “E” in the original logo, but didn’t fill the lines in with color so we could create an environment where you, (the viewer) wouldn’t get distracted by a neon Epic Gang logo at the bottom-right corner of every video on the channel. The problem was that it would just be an “E” in a circle, and it wouldn’t have our trademark placement of the colors, so I put white lines where the color changes and tada!, we have an effective watermark

Update:The Hub

The Epic Gang Hub is here, which will include Recording Studio and can let you log in and see the statistics. Also, it removes the Login button from the navigation bar at the top + the revert button but you can get it back simply by hovering your mouse over the “Hub”. Happy editing to Epic Gang members, but non-Epic Gang members can check it out too 🙂