ROBLOX Nike Air Rthro Avatars Now Available for a Limited Time

ROBLOX has released three Rthro avatars sponsored by Nike Air for free. If you go over to you can mix and match these bundles with your inventory items you already have with these. Here are the avatars:

 Aurora spark

“Science wiz turned supersonic track star, Aurora developed her own Nike Air VaporMax shoes to match her running abilities. She’s not just breaking speed limits; she’s breaking the sound barrier.”

Kroma blitz

“Round 1…FIGHT! Brandishing her iconic Nike Air Max 270s, Kroma is a hyper-energetic boxing champ who uses her indomitable speed and stamina to deliver the ultimate one-two punch!”

Oli zigzag

“Half ninja, half celeb stuntman, all gravity-defying athlete. Sporting a pair of Nike Air Max 720s, this parkour practitioner is on a mission to show the world who’s king of the concrete jungle!”

Click on their names to get them

Update: Daily Schedule Disabled

Hi. You probably know that I have been doing a lot of Filling in the Days posts, or having very short posts occasionally but too frequently. Because I am running this website on my own, I am not able to give you good-quality posts on a daily basis. So I have changed it to a weekly basis to make sure you get good posts, and that gives me the time to do interesting things to report to you about.

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Update: Video Section

Hello, everyone! Can you remember the widget post? Well, I actually also added in a video too (kind of forgot to tell you) where I can put any video I want up that I think you guys might be interested in. There is a problem that you can’t click any video suggested to you so I will work on that (warning technobabble: probably just embed the YouTube video rather then whatever WordPress does to cheat  the system.) Also I will change the video to our trailer or one made by me because Epic Hedgehog‘s ones are usually a bit long. I also will tidy up the subscribe and Discord button because it looks messy.

Epic Gang Adventures Soundtrack

As showed in the last post, there would be music (obviously, imagine a dead quiet animation), but so that you can listen to the raw files we can make a .zip file of all the songs included for you to download. OK, I know that downloading a file from a relatively small organisation is usually a bad idea, but you can look at the files, and if your operating sytem (e.g Windows, MacOS) allows you and you will only see two files:

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Google has us sorted! – EGA Theme

So basically everyone who reads this website will know that I am working on the animated series Epic Gang Adventures, it has it’s own sub-category if you’re new and you’re interested. Anyways, there was an issue floating around in my head, that was what will our theme tune be/ introductory music be? So, to celebrate Johann Christian Bach, Google has created a Bach AI music simulator. There is a sort of “electric” mode so I head over to that and created our end theme. And for the start theme we’ll get some royalty-free external music. Perfecto!

Compose your own music here.

Update: Main Page Disabled

So, as I said before I would update the main page at but because of the current state of it I am temporally shutting it down. Viewers previously would get a half-completed version of the new main page because I accidently pushed it to Git, but that’s fixed.

Update: Widgets!

A handy thing to have on websites with blog posts daily, like this one are calendars displaying all of the posts per each day. SO that’s what we did! By scrolling down to the bottom of the main page you can choose your day. If there are any numbers with no links, then click on the nearest one after that number to get the Filling in the Days!

Tests Lost

I haven’t been posting because all of my Portal 2 tests were deleted when the desktop computer was cleared of all of the games (because they wouldn’t store anything important) but peadar forgot about the tests so all of the work was gone. Fortunately, I could remember the main plot of most of the tests, but fortunately/unfortunately for you, I made it better so I spent all my time on that, rather then the likes of the Website and Recording Studio.

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After the last Fortnite: Battle Royale Getaway event I was really frustrated because I was 33 damage away from getting the Crowbar. That was my first event, but I was quite new to the game so now it is quite easy. The Getaway, for those who don’t know are explained in the v.8.10 patch notes. I got the Crowbar with the help of Epic HedgehogFish and Tortoise. Thanks! Additionally, say hello to the new vehicle…

Courtesy: Epic Games

The Baller, also revealed in the 8.10 patch notes is here! The infinite-ammo grappler on the front can stick onto things indefinitely so you could make a big pile of stuck together veichles. Is that cool or what??!!