New Channel Art!

Once I got the heads up from Epic Hedgheog, when I was at his house, we have released our new channel art, with the reveal of our new mascot! Hedgehog came up with him ages ago but we wanted to reveal him for our birthday. The date, as I said, isn’t exact, but there are special dates that we do know, like the creation of the channel, website and things like that. I designed the picture in Microsoft Paint (yes the original), but usually when you see them it will be in Scratch Paint Editor, or maybe in Krita with a¬† Wacom drawing pad. I need to get used to drawing pads before I design art with it.

Gaming: Minecraft Earth is in Closed Beta!


I was out and about when I got a notification that Minecraft had uploaded a video. As followers of the game will know, Minecraft Earth was introduced to us very ambiguously. We didn’t know anything about the game when the trailer came out. The trailer, which was released May 17, showed the interaction of Minecraft and the real world, suggesting a Pok√©mon Go!¬†sort of gameplay style. In the trailer, we learn that it is a game similar to Pok√©mon Go, but with blocks instead of Pok√©mon.

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Happy Summer!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far and that you all continue to have fun! I am abroad so I didn’t really get the chance to do anything for or Epic Gang. Even when I¬†did get a chance I used it to do the Fortnite challenges I needed to catch up on.¬†But seeing as I¬†did miss 4 posts this will be a Filling in The Days post!

When will the Epic Gang’s Birthday be?

24 June – 30 June (1)

If you have read the About page, you will know that the Epic Gang Media Organization was founded in Summer 2016. We didn’t record exactly what date, but we will celebrate it probably when I come back from holiday. We are turning 3 and we will probably have special channel art and I will be working on getting finished so I can start on Epic Gang Adventures.

Video: Observation

24 June – 30 June (2)

Epic Hedgehog has released a new video, and intends to start up a rota of videos so that you know around about when he’s going to upload next, and will also encourage him to upload more often. The video in question contains bad language in the game, and I have worked out how to censor it out, but for now it will be set for mature audiences. We’re really sorry if you saw the video before it got taken down because we take this sort of thing very seriously, and want Epic Gang to remain a child-friendly channel that everyone can enjoy.

ROBLOX Creator Challenge is back!

 30 June Р7 july (1)


ROBLOX charecters destroying a holographic city.
Create and Destroy!

The ROBLOX Creator Challenge has returned, encouraging people to build creations with ROBLOX Studio so that they can make games for the community to play! There are three different challenges for three different items and at the end of each section there is a quiz to show what you have learnt. These are the descriptions by ROBLOX:
Blueprints of tall towers

Get Started

Take your first steps as a world builder by understanding what makes a map feel fun and balanced.

Take the quiz to unlock Rodan’s Head.

Rodan's Head

Tall towers in construction

Build and Test

Bring your imagination to life! Learn how to place buildings and roads to add personality to your world.

Take the quiz to unlock Godzilla Spine Backpack.

Godzilla Spine Backpack

Completed Tall Towers

Polish and Publish

Put the finishing touches on your game by learning how to edit scripts and create a custom icon.

Take the quiz to unlock Ghidorah’s Wings.

Ghidorah's Wings

I finished all these and made a game called Asymmetry City which you can play, but for some reason I can’t get it on the ROBLOX website. Probably because it’s a Creator Challenge game and that they’re all kind of the same. Another story I have in ROBLOX is that I found out that my helmet from the NFL event turned from the Tampa Bay Helmet (The one I got, you could get different helmets to support different people) to the Golden Football Helmet of Participation!

14 Days of Summer (Fortnite)

 30 June Р7 july (2)

Fortnite charecters sitting around a beach

Fortnite are repeating their 14 Days of Fortnite Christmas event, but as Epic Kitten¬†put it, they’re getting a bit lazy at naming the events, so it’s just “14 days of Summer”, although there’s no hidden meaning (the Christmas one was connected to the 12 Days of Christmas) but I think we can forgive Epic Games because there is loads of cool rewards! There is a new Dive In emote, Water balloon Toy and much more. I’m not saying much about it because you can look at the patch notes here. That will contain everything Epic Games has changed. Once again,

I hope you enjoy your summer and this concludes the Filling in the Days post!