Sometimes post inactivity comes at convenient times. 😀

I was planning a Building MullMC series to accompany Epic Gang Adventures. So you can send ideas…. …and I build them! So head over to the Contact page and start sending in your ideas! For my partition of the server I’m going to do it city style. There will be a courtroom for hackers etc.

Can’t wait to hear what you say! Also I tried changing the design of the website from the default WordPress one for our websites birthday but I’m too nostalgic 😆

I’m working on it!

I know that I’ve already cut down the posting to weekly and I keep failing to meet all the requirements I’ve set, but school’s started back so I am a bit busy, and the time I have I have to manage all the OTHER organisations I have, private or public. Season X is ending too in Fortnite and I’ve done none of the challenges so I’m catching up. But the 50 subscribers won’t go unnoticed and I have a video idea 🙂

Once again, Epic Gang is not dead, and is far from it 🙂

Epic Owl’s Second Super Smash Tourney!

Epic Owl has held another Smash tourney, but I didn’t record the bracket because I was making the certificate instead because I ran out of time to do it at home.  I actually beat Epic Owl, incredibly. I knew I practiced a lot but Epic Owl had put hours into Smash Bros. and it’s kind of disappointing to see him lose, but shakes up the competition a bit. In the second round I lost to Epic Walrus, who actually went on to win! I didn’t do the suspension this time because you didn’t get a bigger idea of it, but it’s still just as important as when he won last time. This time I made a digital certificate and a written one, and I branded the tourney with a smash ball with an S inside it, and I put that logo, but in the style of the Smash Bros Cup Tourney logo. Here are some pictures!

Nintendo Switch shaped Certificate saying GAME! Congratulations
The blank certificate template, the names weren’t on it for privacy reasons
Blanks in order from left to right, up to down: Epic Walrus’s full name, Epic Walrus’s name they set in-game, Epic Owl’s full name, Epic Slug’s full name (me).

Epic Walrus

AS Kirby

Victory message:

“I knew I should have picked Kirby!”


Ok, here’s what’s going on

Sorry, just a quick post to tell you that I’m doing something for the Epic Gang and I haven’t posted in a while but just to let you know that this website is not dead. 😀

Video: Epic Gang has a MINECRAFT SERVER!

Because I recently learnt how to SSH into the Mullafacation/Isainmdom server I wanted to play around with it. I don’t want to make this a technobabble post so I’ll explain things. SSH means I can connect to the website server and can run commands on it. So I set up a Minecraft Server for fun with no idea of what it was going to be and I got it up and running. So I decided to make it a multi-purpose server where my friends could build their own servers in. So I gave Epic Kitten and Epic Hedgehog whole worlds to design whatever they want! I am really exited to see what they make. Epic Hedgehog is in charge of the Epic Gang server, and my one is probably just going to have weird command block experiments like the Infinite Room. It’s coming soon, but we have officially decided to release the trailer.

Video Games: Season X in Fortnite

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a game that I play frequently because they gave away a free battle pass (lots of rewards you can get for doing challenges) one season, and now I save up the in-game currency to buy the next one and so on. I initially thought that it would be a cool idea, as I was a default (noob) skin and got tons of free ones that you usually have to pay for. After a while I was thinking about giving up because there wasn’t any skins or items that I particularly liked and my only motivation was to save up in-game currency to gift Epic Kitten a skin. So I began to get bored. Until…

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Update: Comments have been removed

We have reached exactly 500 spam comments!

Because the amount of spam comments we are getting, I have decided to disable comments for a short while so I can activate the anti-spam plugin I downloaded last year. Sorry if this is an inconvenience to you, also sorry for the short post a big one is coming up. 🙂

New Channel Art!

Once I got the heads up from Epic Hedgheog, when I was at his house, we have released our new channel art, with the reveal of our new mascot! Hedgehog came up with him ages ago but we wanted to reveal him for our birthday. The date, as I said, isn’t exact, but there are special dates that we do know, like the creation of the channel, website and things like that. I designed the picture in Microsoft Paint (yes the original), but usually when you see them it will be in Scratch Paint Editor, or maybe in Krita with a  Wacom drawing pad. I need to get used to drawing pads before I design art with it.